Microscopy and Samosas

Pippa and I are back in Oxford filming her Microscopy series on  http://www.microscopy-uk.org.uk/   where the first three episodes can be found.  She’s doing a brilliant job even though she’s having to learn ‘on the job’!  Before she started doing the series she knew very little about Microscopes apart from whatever she has done at school and has had to learn as she goes along, this hasn’t stopped her sounding like a real expert in the series though!

Pippa’s cool new hobby!

I’m very proud of her for all of the effort she puts into each filming day, it’s very tiring but she always approaches it with a really positive attitude and does her best.  Mol is passionate about the subject and along with me wishes the younger generation would spend more time in endeavours like Microscopy than on their X Boxes, hence the purpose behind this series. Pippa is young enough to be relatable but old enough to understand what she’s doing so it’s a perfect combination.

Today Pippa is turning detective, someone has stolen one of her sweets and she’s determined to find out who the culprit is!  Using her microscope she is able to deduce who the thief is and take appropriate action.  Actually, she’s very good about people taking her sweets, she doesn’t mind but she does enjoy trying to work out who did it.  You’ll have to watch the episode when it’s released to find out how.

She’s covered the basics of how to use a microscope properly and how to find samples etc..so everything you need to know to get started is already on the site.  She even tells you which microscope is best for what and what to look for when buying one and she tells you where to get one from if you want to.  Later on she’ll be covering making slides and all kinds of other cool stuff, it really is a fascinating subject so get your sleeves rolled and get pond dipping.

Mol and Leslie who film the series with her are absolutely wonderful.  So loving and caring but also professional and passionate about their purpose, we love our days with them.  Pippa and Mol have been making samosas today after filming and they were delicious, not before a lot of debate about how to fold the damn things though!  Several videos on YouTube which all showed different techniques complicated the whole thing as well but in the end Pippa was the master at making them and turned out the most perfectly formed samosas I’ve ever seen!  Thinking about it, they should have stuck one under the microscope!  We even got to bring some home much to everyone’s delight, the considerable pile vanished in minutes.

Pippa is a very talented young lady who can turn her hand to most things very successfully. She is a talented performer, artist, mathematician, debater, writer and would make a brilliant lawyer, she’s also great fun!  She may be the last born of my children but she is definitely not the ‘least’, we all adore her and are all convinced she will be Prime Minister one day!  

Rock on Pippa!!

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