The fishy saga continues….

You would think by now that the fish saga would have drawn to a close?  Hmmm…so would I!  No…not in this house!  It has progressed much further than could possibly be imagined.

Right…so I took the cannibal fish back to Pets at Home and swapped it for MC Multi, another Oranda but multi coloured so hence the name.  I wanted to call it Multi…the kids added the MC bit!  All 3 are living in perfect harmony and Mono is recovering well after being mauled by the cannibal!  These fish have survived much longer than any others against all the odds so we’re cautiously hopeful.


In the pond in the garden I had a beautiful assortment of fish, some of which we’ve had for years.  A couple of them were huge and gorgeous and I recently added a couple of small Koi.  A few days ago Osborn announced that he couldn’t see many of the fish?  I assured him that they were probably hiding under the Lilly and preparing for winter.  Just in case I decided to investigate and sure enough, I could only see 3 where there should be 12.  Hmmmmm…..I thought and picked up the lilly in it’s pot.  One more fish flashed before me and look as I hard as I might, no sign of any more.

Osborn then announced that he had seen a heron near the house recently and putting 2 and 2 together we deduced that he was the obvious culprit!  To say that we’re heartbroken is an understatement,  some of those fish had survived for 5 years through some of the harshest winters and thrived.  We’ve now had to put a net over the pond to protect the survivors, not something that I ever wanted to have to do but he’s not having any more!  If I ever catch the perpetrator I will see to it that one of our carnivorous friends eat him!


This means that we now appear to have cracked how to keep a fish in a tank safely but have lost the plot on how to keep the fish in the pond which we’ve done successfully for years!?  Sounds like a typical ‘Shanks Family’ scenario to me!

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