Pippa’s Progress

So yesterday we filmed most of the second in the ‘Pippa’s Progress’ series about Microscopy.  She’s such a star and with the brilliant and lovely Mol Smith’s guidance she is doing a fantastic job.  The aim of the series is to encourage people to explore the subject of Microscopy and understand the incredible world we live in on a microscopic level.  I spent much of my own childhood borrowing my brother’s microscope and peering at anything and everything down it.  I was fascinated to see what absolutely anything looked like close up and would peer at drops of blood, fibres, insects, leaves and anything else I could get my hands on!

Is it wrong of me to be grateful that my kids don’t do this?


There were no home computers, X-Box and very little on TV so children in the sixties spent a lot of time finding other ways to amuse themselves.  With parents who were not ‘hands’ on’ and took little notice of me I found a myriad of different things to keep myself amused.  I was a voracious reader, spent hours and hours knocking a tennis ball against a wall, and a lot of time with one eye pressed against the eyepiece of Tony’s microscope.  It was fun and interesting and a lot more compelling than the computer games kids seem to spend all their time on these days.  Fortunately I’ve never allowed the children to have computers, TV’s or gaming stations in their bedrooms so they haven’t developed an unnatural interest in computer games.  Not that I’m knocking them, I just think they are seriously overused and are gradually switching our children’s brains off!

I’m not cruel

The kids haven’t spent their lives devoid of computer games, we have a Wii but the only thing they ever go on is the Wii fit.  This is brilliant for Osborn and Pippa’s Cerebral Palsy as it helps to strengthen their muscles, improve their co-ordination and also improves their core stability.  In this context the Wii is a very useful tool and it’s situated at the centre of the house so they’re not squirrelled away in their bedroom.  I hear far too many stories from the children of kids at school who get home, go straight to their bedroom and spend sometimes all night playing on their X-Box.  They then fall asleep at school because their parents aren’t monitoring their activity.  It seems to be used a lot of the time as a ‘virtual babysitter’?  Personally I’d rather talk to my children.

Nikita and ‘Kenilworth’s Got Talent’

It’s the final of Kenilworth’s Got Talent on Friday so Nikita is suitably nervous, especially as the film crew will be there filming the whole thing!  Bless her….she’s changed her song choice as often as she changes her knickers (every day!) and still doesn’t seem too sure.  She wanted to do Beyoncé’s Love on Top which she sings brilliantly but she’s worried about getting out of breath….it is a tough song!  I’m not quite sure where she’s at right now but she needs to make a final decision soon, she’s only got four days left!  I have every faith in her that she will perform brilliantly and I also believe she has a chance of winning the contest.  Fingers crossed everyone, she deserves the confidence boost!


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