I’m not well !! 🙁  This is not good news in my house, especially at the moment with so many still under the weather and Lorie still very ill ).  Hoping it passes me by and I’m OK by tomorrow !

I’ve tried to bring my children up with lots of different principles in their ‘life armoury’.  Two of them are ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’ and ‘Action conquers fear’.  I have loads more !!  I like my sayings that sum things up in few words.  ‘Scars remind us of where we’ve been, they don’t have to dictate where we’re going’ is another one that applies so much to all of us after experiencing the trauma of Paul’s suicide and the scars of how  he treated us prior to his death.  We all still bear the scars from all of that but thankfully my children have taken on board a lot of these little gems and they’re all determined not let any of it stop them from achieving their goals and dreams in life.

I push my children….not because I’m a pushy mother who wants her children to succeed for selfish means but because I have a lot more life experience than they do and I’m only too painfully aware myself that life can take you on a tangent if you’re not too careful.  I try to keep them focused on what they want and where they want to go and encourage them to grab any opportunity they are given with both hands because you never know where it will lead to. 

Most of the time they listen to me but occasionally an opportunity comes up that will take them way outside their comfort zones which is where the first two sayings about fear come in !  Every time they do something they’re scared to do they feel on top of the world afterwards.

Kacie has, since the age of three, dreamt of being a top fashion designer.  She has completed a two year fashion design course and is now nearing the end of a years Art Foundation course.  She’s not convinced that going to university is the right way for her to go and I agree with her.  She has severe dyslexia and I think the level of coursework she will have to endure will be too much, she needs to find another route towards achieving her goal.

I’m trying to encourage her to take ‘baby steps’ towards starting her own label which is what she wants to do.  I’m advising her as to what to do first but something is holding her back.  Fear maybe ?  I bought her a pattern and fabric to make me a dress just to get her doing something.  The local fabric shop have invited her to make something to be displayed in the window and I’m hoping she’ll make the dress and raise interest in her abilities from doing so.  She is a fabulous designer and brilliant at sewing…I just hope she follows my advice and doesn’t let fear hold her back.

Going to lie down !!!! xx

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