Day two !!  So far so good with the goal to write this daily ! 

Life at ‘The Mad Shanks Household’ is exactly that !  I have a sign on my front door that says ‘Welcome to the Nut House’, I am the only person I know who is genuinely qualified to own that sign !!  Life is mad but it’s so mad that we’ve all come see it as normal.  Is this healthy ?  Well yes, I think it is.  My children and I don’t fret over broken glasses, mud walked into the house and bizarre items scattered everywhere continually.  We worry over important things like ‘Is everyone happy ?’  If not…why not…what can we do to help ?  Bad hair days don’t really exist, there is always something more important to concern ourselves with.  I believe my children, due to circumstances beyond their control have grown up with a very balanced view on life.

Life is bizarre endlessly.  Osborn went through a stage of tying the house up with hundreds of yards of string which we would all trip on constantly.  He eventually exchanged this little quirk with making enormous sculptures out of hundreds of hangers….bring back the string please !!  Untangling the wretched things took me hours and clothes hangers and I have not had a particularly good relationship  over the years anyway so these close encounters were nothing less than hair wrenching !

Osborn has the most inquisitive mind I have ever encountered besides my own.  He loves to make things out of whatever comes to hand.  We’ve just been through a phase of creations made with gaffer tape.  Everything from phone covers to watch straps to balls for the dog to chase !  Anytime we find some weird contraption fashioned out of anything from paper clips to lolly sticks we pick it up and exclaim in unison ‘Osborn !’.  These items are however always ingenious and never cease to cause us to question how his brain actually works in order to come up with such things ?  Having said that, I’ve always wanted to live a day in Osborn’s brain just because it’s fascinating.  He comes up with questions that most people couldn’t ever dream of asking never mind expecting any mere mortal to know the answer ?

He recently asked me how many flakes of snow did I think were falling per second in our field ?  I did point out to him that in order to be able to begin to answer the question there would need to be a set of parameters to work to.  We then spent the next half hour deciding what the parameters should be and how to establish them.  He was last seen at the end of the conversation trotting off to mark out a square foot in the garden in order for him to be able to sit and watch the snow and count how many feel into the square so that he could then calculate total snowfall in the entire field !!  I wished him ‘good luck’ with that one !!

More on Osborn in the future, he is an endless source of fascination for me as well as being my little hero for just being him.  He is endlessly compassionate, kind and caring and has learnt to live with his cerebral palsy and autism with a stoicism and refusal to allow either to get in his way that I admire beyond expression !

My children are my inspiration and create a life for me that is full on but so, so interesting !

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