6 Extremely useful tips on how to avoid close-up Magicians….you’ll be gobsmacked by number 6!

Why I hate Magic and 6 tips on how to avoid close-up magicians……

Do I hate magic?  Does anyone really hate magic or is it just the sheer frustration of not knowing how the bloody hell they did it?  I suspect the latter having been subjected to a large number of magicians over the years and, being as predictable as most of the population, in instantly asking “How did you do that?”.

Sheer genius Jester!

They must all get sick to death of the question as it pours out of the mouths of every unsuspecting individual who is subjected to the mysteries of the ‘slight of hand’.  We all know it’s a trick, we all know we’ve been duped, but somehow we all still believe that there must be a little bit of mystery involved as well.

I have a friend who is a magician, his name is Tom, or Jester Styles to his clients and I met him trough Todd and Jo from Spaghetti Agency but I’d never seen him perform until I attended the Coventry TweetUp a couple of weeks ago.  . He was there and armed with magic and extremely dangerous for those of us who don’t like knowing they’ve been fooled.  A small group of us stood together talking and, true to form, he started introducing magic into the equation, first of all with the twins, who were suitably impressed, and then he moved on to me.

I duly signed a card, went through the all the stages of the trick and thinking I was holding a full deck of cards in between my hands, including the one I’d chosen, I then opened up my clenched hands only to find a piece of perspex where the deck should have been.  I’d been had!!  Having said that it was brilliantly done!

So, you have to decide if you actually enjoy the process or if you really do dislike magic and the faint feeling of having been made a fool of!  These are my top tips, compiled over many years of research, for avoiding close-up magicians if you feel the need to.

How to avoid ‘Close up’ Magicians!

1. RUN!  This is an OK strategy as long as you can run faster than them….they WILL chase you in the pursuit of their art!

2. Hide behind whoever you’re with but be aware that the native, feral, close-up magician will seek you out regardless, these people are fearless!

3. Hide under the nearest available chair/table.  A slightly more viable option but don’t forget these creatures are very flexible and determined so are more than capable of crouching down to catch you unawares.  Don’t get lulled into a false sense of security!

4. Look at the ceiling and whistle, pretending you’re not aware of their antics.  Again, this once is fraught with danger due to them possessing an overwhelming level of determination.  The harder the goal, the greater the desire to crack it!

5. Tell them you are a magician as well.  Not recommended as it will probably lead to an insanely competitive period of time where they will be determined to prove their prowess and you will have the embarrassment of having to admit you don’t have a clue!

6. Become a close-up magician.  This is the best of the above options as they will be far less likely to perform to a fellow artiste who will know all of their moves.  However, be prepared to put in endless hours, days, weeks, months of practice before you will stand half a chance of matching their considerable skills.  You don’t learn to do this stuff by chance you know!

Liking magic is a personal thing, I actually love it!  I’m fairly bright so being fooled by a bit of magic is something I love as I know I should be able to work it out……I never can!  But, love them or hate them, don’t dismiss the endless hours of dedication and work they put in  to perfecting their skills. Tom spends most of his waking hours when not performing, trying, testing, perfecting and practising his latest additions to his repertoire.  Respect to you man….you’ve done your time and you’re the best magician I’ve ever seen in 35 years of event organisation!  

Proud of you!!

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