A bit controversial this one!!!

Firstly, say ‘hello’ to summer!  Today is it if the forecasters are right!!  I do hope not but based on last summer they could well be right.

Lorie and Mirie had the first night of their show yesterday….Sweeney Todd.  Not my favourite musical but as always the whole cast were brilliant and it’s well worth trying to get a ticket to go and see it at Rugby College.  Lorie and Mirie were as amazing as they always are and as usual I sat there being ‘proud mum’ (mostly in tears!). 

I also spent all day yesterday sorting paperwork which is my most hated task in life.  I now have a pile a foot high that needs action and another two feet high to file.  Oh….joy of joys!!

It never ceases to amaze me how much paperwork schools manage to generate apart from all of the other bank statements etc..  I swear with all the Health and Safety stuff I have to fill in these days we could save an entire Rain Forest!  Every time they go on a school trip I have a five page form to fill in giving all of the information they’ve had countless times before.  Why?  I know it’s not the schools fault…..regulations.  But surely we’ve gone too far?

I had a letter home recently asking if I wanted my daughter to be rescusitated and the ambulance called if she had a serious accident?  No, definitely not, why would I?  I have spares!  Yes of course I want you to save my daughters life.  Is it me or is it a form too far?  Just like the one I received asking me if it was ok to put a plaster on her hand if she cut herself?  Why would I say no?  Sorry…..rant over!

Seriously though, what happened to kids being kids and falling over occasionally and maybe breaking a bone?  I spent most of my childhood with some bit of me stuck in a cast but I learnt very quickly what wasn’t a very good idea.  Like climbing a 400 year old walnut tree and falling 12 feet when the branch broke!  The broken wrist from that didn’t kill me but I was a lot more careful the next time I climbed a tree.

Sometimes we have to learn the hard way and slipping on ice is probably one of them.  Please let us give our children the chance to be children again and break the odd bone.  Childhood is too much fun to not have the odd visit to A&E!!

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