A call to arms!

HS2 Hybrid Bill 2nd Reading.  A call to arms!

A busy day today, interview with Sky News at 9.00am, onto the train to London at 10.00am and hot foot across the City to the Houses of Parliament in time for the demonstration and MP lobbying as quickly as possible!  All followed with a meeting with my Literary Agent, the forever brilliant, Andrew Lownie and then back home at some point late this evening.  PHEW!!

A whole day taken up with a project I neither want nor will ever use and which has ruined me financially.  The stories abound of people the length of the line who live outside the compensation zone who have worked hard all their lives to buy a house that will one day become their pension plan.  And now?  Many properties are unsaleable or have lost an enormous amount of value, some up to 60%.

This means in stark reality that, we, the people most directly affected by the scheme, are actually part of the Governments finance for the project.  Otherwise they would compensate everyone affected to the tune of the loss of value in their home.  They’re obviously not going to do this as it will add a huge amount to the overall cost, hence, we, the home owners, are effectively paying for it!

Also, my daughter, Kacie, came with me to the interview this morning and was extremely vocal in her horror of the fact that it’s her generation, and the next, that will be paying for this atrocity via their taxes for their entire lives!  How unfair is that?  Most of them don’t want it and will never use it either!

And so it is that I’m on the train gearing up for a day of stress and arguments with MP’s ahead of tonights vote.  Can I make a difference?  Who knows?  I’m doing my best.  At least by being there I’m in a better position to try to get a better deal for for everyone affected.  

A one woman crusade. Probably not terribly effective then? But crusade I will!  I will crusade on the subject of Autism Awareness, I will crusade on the subject of better care in schools for children with all special needs and I will crusade against HS2.  Because I believe that we have to have people who will take up arms and fight for what’s right, whatever the cause.

Please feel free to join us and become a member of Stop HS2 and HS2AA, join @autismoneonone on Facebook and let your voice be heard in the growing number of people who believe in right and wrong and aren’t scared to speak up.

I look forward to meeting you all!

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