A doggy tale!

Dogs on Heat!

A random subject?  Well yes, but one that is featuring heavily in our lives at the moment!  We have 2 dogs, Dodger is a small dog, seven eighths Chihuahua and one eighth Jack Russell, he’s the colour of a Chihuahua, has sticky-up ears and looks in every way like a Chihuahua except for his face.  He looks like a miniature, golden Chewbacca!  Lexie on the other hand is a large black dog and was a rescue from Romania, she’s a real mixture of GSD, Labrador, Lurcher and who knows what else?

Not the best photo but this gives you the scale of things!

Over the past 4 months they have become best friends with Dodger having fallen madly in love with Lexie and now follows her wherever she leads.  In spite of their size difference they play beautifully together now that Lexie has realised that one swish of her paw sends Dodger flying through the air!  Whilst this was very funny to observe, I did wonder how long Dodger would last, even though he repeatedly came running back for more wagging his tail up and down (his doesn’t go side to side like a normal dog!).

Dodger hasn’t been ‘done’ yet, only because I haven’t got round to it and he’s always either  in the garden which is very secure or on the lead.  Lexie is also not ‘done’ as I’ve been waiting for her to have her first season.  Well, the time has come and Lexie is well and truly in season and don’t we all know it!  

Picture the scene…..Lexie is very willing, Dodger is extremely keen….the trouble is that Dodger is so small in comparison to Lexie that he can’t, well, how do I put this delicately……ummmmmm, errrrr……reach?  She’s even tried lying down and he still can’t get his act together!

This is a good thing in one way as I have no desire to add to the already overly large dog population which I why I got a rescue dog in the first place!  On the down side is the fact that Dodger is unstoppably determined.  End result, 2 pissed off dogs!  Dodger is frustrated in the extreme and Lexie is fed up with her inadequate partner (don’t tell Dodger I said he’s inadequate…male pride and all that) not being able to give her what she wants.

Inevitably, because of all the above, we are currently living in a house occupied by 2 rampant, panting, irritated and noisy dogs.  We’ve taken to separating them at every opportunity just to give poor old Lexie a break!  She’s being very much the lady though and so far has tolerated Dodger’s disappointing, incessant advances, but I have a feeling that she may well be approaching breaking point with her ill matched suitor.  

In the meantime we’re all being tested to breaking point ourselves with all the whining and Dodger constantly badgering Lexie.  Three weeks can be an awfully long time!  Rest assured though, they’ll both at the vets asap!!

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