A Dog’s IQ!!

Osborn was on form yesterday!  We had a couple of hours together while going to Birmingham Children’s Hospital to collect his new splint and Pippa’s gaiters.

In the car we discussed everything from politics to how many of his teachers are leaving this year.  As always his exuberant enthusiasm for every subject was fantastic and we enjoyed some very deep discussions way beyond his 14 years. 

As always though he was just gearing up to ask me a question that just has no answer!  I knew it would come eventually but when it did I must confess I ended up getting the giggles.  This was a great relief from a day that was going to be at best difficult and at worst horrendous!

His question was “What is the IQ of a dog?”.  Now for Osborn this was a relatively tame question so my initial answer was “I really have no idea?”.  His response was “Well they reckon Dolphins have the IQ of an average 3 year old”.  Ok I thought, that gives me some kind of benchmark so after some though I mused that I would imagine a dog would probably have the IQ of a six month old baby.

Obviously I have no idea whatsoever and hoped that this would be enough to assuage his enquiring mind.  No such luck, he pursued the subject relentlessly.  I had answered his question in the form that he had given me the information about the dolphin but apparently that wasn’t good enough.  He wanted to know what the dogs IQ would be in human terms.  I pointed out that comparing the IQ of a dog to a human would be impossible as the two subjects were so entirely different in their areas of expertise!  For example…our sense of smell is pathetic compared to a dog but a dog can’t use a knife and fork.

Still not good enough sadly and the ‘conversation’ went on until we arrived back at school with no satisfactory answer in Osborn’s mind!  I suppose I should be flattered that he feels I am genius enough to be able to answer his questions, the trouble is that so often I can’t work out how he managed to come up with the question in the first place never mind having any vague chance of answering it!!

I do love my conversations with Osborn though.  They always make me smile even if sometimes it’s through gritted teeth.  Where would I be without my children?  I certainly wouldn’t have much to talk about here!!!

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