A huge Thank You to ‘The Croft School’

I really don’t know where to start today!  I missed blogging yesterday as it was such a full on day for the whole family and what an amazing day it turned out to be!

The children’s old school, The Croft in Stratford, were holding their 80th anniversary Alumni and we were all so excited about seeing everyone again.  Going back was an incredibly emotional event for all of us but brought back so many happy memories for everyone.  The only one of us missing was Jamie who is currently working in Surrey for a couple of months but I know she was so sad to miss it.

A lot had changed of course but the essence of the school remains ever intact.  We walked into the newly refurbished and fabulous theatre and immediately bumped in Lyndall Thornton who is the owner and were welcomed with the warmest greeting possible.  Once inside we met the new Headmaster Marcus Cook who we all knew from one of the children’s previous schools and who they all agree taught them in such a wonderful way that they remember everything they learnt from him.  He will be a fantastic headmaster.

The children all ran excitably around the whole school wanting to see everything.  One of Mirie’s pieces or art is still hanging in the art room to her absolute delight and many of the classrooms haven’t changed too dramatically over the last seven years.  They had fun sitting on the tiny chairs in reception in wonder at the fact that they were ever actually tiny enough to sit comfortably and every toilet and changing room had to be visited as well!

We met so many old friends and teachers and reminisced about the children and the funny moments they all remember so well.

The icing on the cake was at afternoon tea when we saw the fabulous Patricia Thompson who was headmistress for the duration of the children’s five and half years there who they all absolutely adored, and then the opportunity to spend some real quality time with Lyndall catching up on the children’s progress. 

The children were over the moon to be able to grab the chance to have their photo taken with Mrs Jaggard who taught them all Country Dancing and I know they will treasure that forever. 

The memories that came flooding back from this truly incredible school were so many in number and so emotional that we were all exhausted by the end of the afternoon.  We missed seeing so many people the children loved but there just wasn’t enough time to catch up with everyone.  How we all miss the school and the children are all determined that their own children should attend the school when the time comes.

I myself must say the most enormous Thank You to everyone at The Croft who taught my children during their time there.  The ethics, morals, manners and foundation for their future was absolutely ‘second to none’ and will stay with the children for their entire lives.  The school did so much to give my children the greatest start in life any parent could possibly wish for and I will be eternally indebted and grateful to them all.

Thank you all so much for your wonderful hospitality and for welcoming us all so warmly to an excellently organised event.  You are all forever in our hearts.

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