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Rigid about Rigidity?

After all these years I’ve realised something that should probably have occurred to me a long time ago.  We all have our ‘funny little ways’ and the older you get the more funny little ways we seem to develop, not to mention the fact that they also appear to get even, well…. ‘funnier’.

We’re all a bit like this in our house!!

Not much of an epiphany I can hear you all cry!  No…that’s very true…but the thought that followed on swiftly from that one was the fact that a lot of us are very rigid about our funny little ways.  I’m not just talking about our friends on the autistic spectrum either, we’re all guilty of it but some of us take it to whole new level.

A degree of rigidity is OK as long as it’s not making anyone else’s life a misery but I’ve realised that a huge umber of people actually become rigid…… .about their rigidity!  This makes the issue a whole different ball game.  

Wanting something to be a certain way is quite acceptable as long you can also accept that your ‘perfect’ way cannot always be achieved due to life very often throwing ‘curved balls’ at us.  I bat a lot of these in my life so it’s just as well that I’m probably the most flexible person I’ve ever met!  To the point of having no real personal desires or imperatives in my life whatsoever.  This isn’t good either as always jumping to everyone else’s imperatives is somewhat debilitating.  The trouble is, when you are dealing daily with a lot of people on the spectrum who all have their own ideas of what is essential to the smooth running of their lives, you quickly learn that adaptability is probably your best survival skill!

This all sounds like a bit of a moan but it isn’t really.  I understand the way their brains work and I also know that the most important thing in their lives is to keep their anxiety levels as low as is possible at any one time.  The stress of having enormous brains that never stop running is exhausting but they have no control over their compulsions either, however much they try to.  Understanding this and helping them through it goes a long towards enabling them to live full and happy lives.

Anyway, I’m currently evaluating everyone’s lives around me, and my own to see if any of us have become ‘Rigid about our Rigidity’ and see what can be done to prevent it becoming worse.  I would encourage everyone to do the same, being a little flexible in life can actually turn out to be a lot less stressful!

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