A Little Kindness

I Love my Kids soooooooo….much!

How lucky am I to have such beautiful hearted children?  The things they do for people all the time really do take my breath away.  On Monday Nikita and her boyfriend Janeks (he loves it when I call him ridiculously pretty so here we go….the ridiculously pretty one!) got off the train in Coventry and walked past a homeless man they walk past every day.  Normally they give him whatever change they can spare but this day they had none as they’d just given it all to someone else!  They spoke to him and he told them that he’d had a really bad day and only collected a few pence, immediately Nikita suggested to Janeks that he play his guitar and both of them sing to see if they could collect some more for him.

Bless them!!!

They spent the next hour playing next to the guy and collected about £6 which enabled him to at least eat.  I rang Nikita to find out where she was as I was worried after last weeks fiasco but when she told me what they were doing I reassured her that I wasn’t cross.  Whatever your views are on homeless people, and I know they vary wildly, it was an act of kindness that I’m grateful my children are capable of.  I will always support them when they want to help someone less fortunate than themselves.

Not only but also!

Yesterday they did something else.  Lorie has been very down recently and yesterday, apparently, she was feeling extremely low.  Jamie and Mirie, unbeknown to me, were hatching a plot.  Lorie has been clearing a room which someone stayed in for a while so she can have it as her bedroom.  Over the last 18 months since it’s been unoccupied it’s inevitably become a dumping ground and on top of all the mess and rubbish the person left behind it was an incredibly daunting task.

Me and my adorable babies….MWAHHHHH!!

She started tackling it and made great headway but with her mood so low she has found it impossible over the last week or so to do any more.  Jamie and Mirie had plans to cheer her up!  They rallied the troops (their siblings and Ben) and while Lorie was at work last night they set to.  I went out to do some work and on my return the room was looking almost cleared and I congratulated them on their great work.  

However, they hadn’t finished and this morning proudly walked me into the room cleared and cleaned to perfection, everything removed ready to be painted.  They all worked their little butts off to help Lorie feel better and my heart swells with pride at how much they care about each other.  

They may have the occasional argument and it wouldn’t be normal if they didn’t but when push comes to shove they are the closest children I have ever met.  They constantly look out for each other and would do anything any one of them ever needed.  I’m so glad they will always have each other to turn to throughout their lives, one of the great benefits of a large family!


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