A Parents Lament !!!!

Living with children is in itself very amusing but when you add a large amount of autism and ( dare I say it ? ) females into the mix you’re destined for hilarity on a large scale !

My children are an endless source of amusement to me and I make the most of every single blonde moment and milk it to the maximum !  This, of course, means that my own blonde moments are exploited to the maximum and I’m never, ever allowed to forget !  Mind you, I deserve it !  In my defence though, most of my blonde moments are caused through having a brain that is so overloaded with everything that has to be done and remembered that leaving the odd random child who I’ve forgotten to pick up, I think, is forgiveable ?!

Anyway, back to the constant amusement and the daft things my kids come out with !  I’ve already covered my issues with my children’s lack of Geographical knowledge but on that subject……..

We were watching the Eurovision Song Contest one year which I believe is only slightly more interesting than watching paint dry when Mirie piped up with “How come China aren’t in this ?”.  I looked at her with a face that kind of said it all to which she responded “What ? I think they would win !”.

With eyes looking skywards I pointed out to her patiently that China isn’t in Europe and therefore didn’t qualify to enter.  “Really !!!!????” she exclaimed “I thought it was ??” 

Now there are times when it just doesn’t seem worth the pain of trying to explain so I dropped the subject.  If her geography is so bad that she had no idea China wasn’t in Europe then showing her where countries are was going to be an entire education in itself !

Kacie yesterday had a blonde monent all her own when I dropped her off at her boyfriends house.  I told her that Vicki would be just getting ready to start the Moonwalk.  “What’s that ?” she asked.  I explained it was a charity walk that took place throughout the night and she looked at me puzzled.  “Why is called the Moonwalk ?”.  I looked at her, myself even more puzzled than she was.  “It happens at night” I pointed out with sincere patience. “So ?” she said.  Again I looked at her wondering how many more hints she would need in order to cotton on.  “What can we only see at night ?” I quizzed.  “Oooooooooooh…….I get it !” she said, sounding very proud of herself that she had understood the relevance of the title.

What I don’t get is that they are all so intelligent and perfectly capable of knowing where one of largest countries in the world is and working out why a walk at night might be called a ‘Moonwalk’.  I do question where I’ve gone wrong sometimes ?  But then maybe I’m not alone and all parents do this ?

Feedback would be greatly appreciated !!!!

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