A rant about the driving theory test !!!

Ok…today I am going to rant !

My daughter Kacie is severely Dyslexic.  Over the years she has coped extremely well with this even managing to achieve a B/C in her English GCSE !  Her dyslexia has blessed her with an extremely creative brain and she has many skills and abilities that I love.

When she started driving lessons a year ago she proved to be a very good driver.  Her spatial skills are well honed and once her brilliant instructor realised that her dyslexia affected her short term memory and he modified his teaching style accordingly she got better and better.

She would pass her actual test tomorrow with flying colours…the fly in the ointment is  passing her theory test !  She has now taken it nine times, every time she has failed the question part by only one or two points and passed the hazard perception every time.  She has now arrived at the point where she has no belief in her ability to ever be able to pass. 

So why is there no facility for people with learning difficulties ?  A lot of the questions are so ambiguously phrased that for anyone with dyslexia or autism they are impossible to answer.  I’ve even looked at a few of them and I would struggle.  This isn’t an English test !  The test is meant to check the candidates knowledge of the highway code so why word the questions in such a bizarre way.

Her instructor is actually autistic himself and is brilliant at teaching.  He is as frustrated as we are about the system which I actually believe is discriminating against people with challenges such as Kacie’s.  She can’t be the only one and I am going to take it up with the governing bodies.  She has spent £270 trying to pass a test which for her is proving to be impossible because of no fault of her own.  She knows the Highway Code back to front, it’s the wording of the questions.

I’ve now been informed by her instructor who has done extensive research that if I go through an incredibly complicated process and give proof of her dyslexia etc…etc…that she can have someone read the questions to her.  Will this help and why is it so difficult to access this information ?

Anyone reading this who is in a similar situation please comment and let’s see if we can change the process so that people are not wasting hundreds of pounds unfairly and have an equal chance of succeeding in passing the first critical stage of the driving process.

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