A Star is Born!

Pippa and Microscopy

Pippa shone yesterday as the star of a new series made for the internet presenting a series of videos about Microscopy.  Anyone who, like me, spent a considerable part of their childhood peering down a microscope knows how fascinating everything is close up.  Those of you have never looked at a drop of blood or an insect through a microscope don’t know what you’re missing!  Sadly, young people today seem to prefer playing video games, I’m so glad that my lot have no interest whatsoever in the blasted things.

It’s all about Pippa!

The series centres on Pippa, following her adventures with a microscope.  The hope is to encourage young people to take an interest in the world around them on a less superficial level and get them to question things a little more.  I’m all for it!  The series will raise many issues alongside the basic tutorial of how to use a microscope properly and get the best out it.  Understanding how the world around us works on a deeper level helps everyone to appreciate how delicate and complex our world is and how the balance can so easily be disrupted.

A Rotifer under the Microscope



Osborn the sound technician

I mustn’t forget here to mention that Osborn acted as sound technician for the afternoon and did an excellent job!  I was in charge of continuity (!?) so it was a real family affair.  Poor old Mol was left with the unenviable task of keeping us all in order and making sure nothing was forgotten whilst filming and prompting Pippa.  We were all shattered by the end of the day but in the best possible way.  We’d all had a great time, enjoyed Mol’s company and learnt a huge amount. Mol is a genius in the truest sense of the word and I love him to bits.  He in turn loves the children and everyone benefits from the relationship in just the way it should be.

In the blood!!

Watching Pippa take to performing to the camera with such ease was fantastic but as Uncle Chris has been telling us this week ‘it’s in the blood’.  A huge number of our ancestors were Music Hall entertainers of all kinds from singers to comediennes.  No wonder then that I’m surrounded by so many ‘drama queens’!  Most of the children want to follow careers in entertainment apart from Osborn who is a scientist through and through.  But, who knows, he may one day connect with his theatrical side and surprise us all!

Watch this space for more news on Pippa’s journey through the microscope!!!

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