Childhood Dreams

Children know how to dream impossible dreams without the blinkers adults develop as they traverse the highways and byways of life.  I guess as we grow older we understand more and more that life is full of wrong turns, Cul De Sacs and……well, just plain old road blocks.  They have no perception of any of this so they will happily attempt the impossible with all the verve and vigour that blind faith engenders.

My children have managed to hang onto a degree of that ‘blind faith’ and are still happily pursuing what so many of their friends and acquaintances tell them are ‘impossible’ dreams.  Kacie has her sights set on being a world renowned fashion designer, Lorie, Mirie, Jamie and Nikita have their sights set on being famous performers, Osborn WILL go to Cambridge to study science and Pippa can’t decide yet.


Imagine a world still lit with candles!


Creating belief

Having said all of that I guess I’ve brought them up to believe that dreams do come true but not if you don’t have a dream in the first place.  Kacie reminded me this morning of the day the four older ones aged between 3-6 decided to dig their way to China!  She remembered them all with their little spades and wheelbarrows excavating what must have seemed a ton of earth and systematically transporting it away from the work site.  She also remembered all of them coming in to get me to come and observe their efforts and my response being “You’re doing a great job…keep going!”. 

Obviously I knew their efforts would not yield their expected result but why bust their bubble at such a young age?  Similarly, not so long after, when they decided to build their very own  Telly Tubby style underground playroom.  Once again I gave them all the encouragement they needed to continue until they themselves reached the realisation that it might take a little longer than anticipated!

Self belief

I’ve always wanted my children to grow up believing in themselves and what they can achieve with hard work, persistence and that ever important ‘dream’.  Watching them happily striving to achieve their goals is something that gives me the greatest pleasure in life and I still tell them that nothing is impossible. 

Without the ‘dreamers’ in life we wouldn’t have any of the modern facilities we all enjoy and take for granted.  Without Ford there would be no cars and everyone told him he was mad.  Edison failed thousands of times in creating the light bulb that makes our lives so much easier and he received the same scepticism.  The true dreamers in life should be bubble wrapped, cherished and nurtured as without them we would still be living in caves. 


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