Aaaaaargh….HS2 AGAIN!!

HS2 screw up again!

No great surprise there though!  HS2 have been screwing up royally for the past 4 years in every conceivable way.  Having been directly on the receiving end of numerous cock ups I’m in a pretty good position to verify their total lack of competence in all areas.  To lose 877 pages of a vital document should sound warning bells in everyone’s heads surely?  A company has to be incompetent at a major level to achieve such an outstandingly gargantuan error and then expect everyone to say ‘never mind’!

Couldn’t be further from the truth with no stops!

As far as I’m concerned, extending the consultation to the 24th February is nowhere near long enough in relation to the immense degree of the omission.  Thank goodness for the House of Lords, at least some of them seem to have a modicum of common sense and probably not on the receiving end of any kick backs and therefore have no vested interest (we hope).

Over the years since HS2 reared it’s enormous, ugly, white head I have managed to find absolutely nothing to praise them for,  that’s quite a feat in view of how much contact I’ve had with them.  They’ve managed to allow zero mitigation for noise right next to my house even thought they expect us to continue living there.  They have omitted several pieces of ancient woodland that the damn thing will plough through.  Expect to use the narrowest single track lane I have ever used as an access route for heavy plant because no-one had bothered to actually go and look at it.  They even went as far as addressing letters to my late husband who died 6 years ago and then had the cheek to follow the letter up with another only 3 days later asking him why he hadn’t responded!  Doh!!!

They even want to re-route the bridal path that runs along the back of our house into my field, inviting all of the strange men who like to do unmentionable things in the woods with other strange men right into my back garden!  As a large number of them have shown an unnatural interest in my children over the years you can probably understand my concern.  Where in God’s name are these people coming from and why are they being allowed to be in charge of such a major project?

The only tiny light I can think of is actually hearing David Higgins referring to ‘homes’ not ‘properties’ in a recent interview on local BBC radio.  In all of our dealing with HS2 they have only ever used totally non-emotional words to describe peoples homes.  And homes they are.  My home is where my children grew up from birth, all of the memories they have of their father are related to their home.  Our home represents a huge level of security for them as it’s the only stability they have had in their lives and there are an enormous number of people the length of the line in similar positions.  How dare the government feel they have to right to rip the heart and soul out of peoples lives without so much as acknowledging what they are actually doing?

I speak for the people, for the people who have suffered ill health as a result of HS2, the people who’s lives have have been taken on a path they never wished to follow, for all the hours and hours people affected have had to plough into trying to understand the implications for themselves and their families, hours they could and should have been able spend with their loved ones.  I feel for them all.

If HS2 cannot afford to adequately compensate people affected by the line, and I mean people within half a mile of the route, then the project is not viable.  It has to be an infringement of Human Rights to rip people out of their homes and along with many others I will never stop fighting.

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