I started writing 18 months ago when my Literary Agent Andrew Lownie asked me to write my life story. Who on earth would want to read it was beyond me, but he was insistent that I had something worth saying.

The first book in my memoirs has been written in conjunction with my ghost writer Lynne Barrett-Lee.

I’m also in the process of using my lifelong association with Autism to write a book on the subject that I hope will help parents and people with family, friends etc. on the spectrum to better understand the condition from a layman’s point of view.



I run a mentoring service for people on the spectrum and/or their families, offering practical advice that may help them to lead a happier, more fulfilled life.



Having spoken at several events recently very successfully I’m now offering my services as a speaker on numerous subjects from Autism, Special Needs, Motivation, Inspiration, and Positive Thinking.



I started blogging in 2013 having discovered my love of writing. I write a lot about our hilarious family life with seven children. Six of the children are girls, so Osborn is the only male living in the house which makes for some hilarious situations! I’ve developed a huge following as I rant daily about the funny, the important, the serious and the downright ridiculous!

You can read my blog here.



Having had so many negative experiences with the authorities and schools trying the achieve the best for my disabled children, I have developed a passion for doing whatever I can to change the system so that children with Special Needs no longer suffer. These children have so much to offer but all too often are left on the sidelines to fend for themselves when a few simple strategies would make all the difference. A lot of the work I do is centred around trying to raise awareness of these issues.

Contact me if you would like discuss anything that interests you.