Action conquers fear!

I’ve got that warm fuzzy glow you get when you’ve finally conquered something and finished it!  Anyone reading this who has ever had to write a real life, proper book proposal for a publisher knows how complicated and time consuming it is.  This is the first one I’ve ever done and it won’t be the last but it really is a brain scrambling exercise!

But…’s done and gone into my agent  Andrew Lownie.  Might come back for a few tweaks but at least I know at this stage that it will only be tweaks! 

This book is all about my experiences bring up 6 autistic children with some hints and tips that I have found useful and insight into some of  the things I’ve discovered along the way that a lot of people don’t know.  Having so many means I’ve been able to observe how one strategy works for one and not another, helped me to understand how different every autistic child is and delve into the deepest recesses of their minds to try and work out how they ‘tick’.

This book is my ‘baby’, it’s the one I’ve been wanting to write for years and now I’ve finally had the chance to do it.  Bringing up 6 children with autism hasn’t been easy but it has been fascinating, very rewarding and on many occasions absolutely hilarious!  I wouldn’t change the way they are for the world, they’re an endless source of fun and laughter!

The way their logic works is intriguing but on closer evaluation extremely valid.  I never dismiss their slightly ‘off the wall’ ideas because very often their view makes a lot more sense than the conventional one.  Anyway, who’s to say that their way of thinking isn’t the right way just because autistic people are in the minority?  The rest of us just assume we must be right because that’s the way the majority of brains work!

Anyway, right now I’m dancing a jig and becoming even more excitable than usual because I’ve achieved something I didn’t know I could achieve and that’s always a great feeling.  I’ve brought my children up to believe that ‘Action conquers Fear’ so I have to follow that philosophy myself otherwise I’d be a hypocrite.  So, for my children, I have done it regardless of my lack of belief that I could and following my own advice….I have to say…it feels good!

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