Adults having fun: It’s ok you know?!

Well, that was one heck of a day!  Started at 7am to get Osborn and Pippa to Birmingham Orthopaedic for a 9am Hospital appointment to check the progress with their legs after having had their latest Botox injections in their legs.  All ok there.

Having arrived home I prepared everything for the Easter Challenge which included sorting through 266 assorted chocolate items to be hidden around the field.  We started at midday sharp and having got them all underway I spent an hour on a Skype call doing an interview for an article.  That done I then set about hiding said 266 chocolate treats over 13 acres, no mean task!  A quick trip to Warwick to pick something up whilst they finished off and cleaned and tidied the house and then back for the judging.

It all started with a pile of stuff!

The judging took at least an hour as I had to judge 2 items, they had been asked to make 4 exquisite chocolates fit for Gordon Ramsey and that they would be proud to present to the Queen…no turds on plates!  Bearing in mind I hadn’t seen any of the chocolates being made, I had absolutely no idea who had created what, but a quick glance at the row of ‘exquisite’ chocolates told me immediately that the meaning of the word ‘exquisite’ had pretty much been lost on everyone!


As I wandered along the line of treats I judged each on 10 different criteria including creativity, ingenuity, neatness, taste etc….I was totally ‘chocolated’ out by the end.  Next came the creative challenge, they had either bunny ears or bunny glasses to decorate and a pile of craft stuff with which to do it, I was looking forward to seeing what they’d done with them.

In order to effectively ‘blind judge’, they all wore someone else’s creation so I had no idea who had made what again.  Same judging process, 10 different criteria and I had the results!  But, before revealing the winner, it was off for the egg hunt, my favourite part.  Watching 9 adults rush out of the back door wearing rabbit ears, looking very excited and unbelievably competitive was a an absolute joy.

Wearing the ears for the duration of the hunt was compulsory and ‘grassing up’ anyone caught not wearing them was positively encouraged if it so happened that I missed the offence.  With everyone scattered over 13 acres I couldn’t have eyes on everyone, in fact, for a period of time I couldn’t actually see anyone!  After about an hour, little by little, they started to return to the house brandishing bags of goodies, some much fuller than others.  We counted each persons booty and the winner was Kacie by a pretty large margin, the results of the 2 challenges was somewhat different though!

Having crunched the numbers it turned out that Nikita had won the chocolate challenge with her beautiful and colourful display of well made sweeties.  The winner of the other challenge was Lorie, mainly because she was the only one to turn her ears into another item of clothing…a bra!  She won on the basis of sheer ingenuity and lateral thinking having also made another pair of ears that she could wear as well!

Being an adult doesn’t mean you can’t have fun!

They might be adults now but they still love the opportunity to be creative and have a bit of child-like fun, and why not?  We have to grow older but as long as we behave responsibly when the need arises we should be able to act like big kids when we feel like it as well.

Life is about doing the right things but there’s nothing in the rule book that says you can’t have fun in the process, in fact, the more fun you have, the more you feel like doing what’s right!  Go ahead, make life as funny and silly as you like, just don’t hurt anyone in the process……


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