Aiming High!

Hopes and Dreams!

So number 2 child, Kacie, is working her little butt off towards becoming a fashion designer, not any old designer, a world renowned Chanel type of designer!  She loves what she does and she is also extremely talented, spending hours painstakingly creating the most beautifully embellished clothes.

She’s been asked to provide some clothes for a show for London Fashion Week, most of the designs are from students at St Martins in London so to be selected is something to shout about!  She made her final collection at college which was beautifully made and outstandingly apt for the theme she chose.  She called her collection ‘Unravelled’ and it was based around her fathers insanity and the contradictions in his personality.  He was severely OCD amongst other things and was obsessive about neatness but his mind was chaotic and became more so as his illness progressed.  Her collection was made of very simple white forms but then she photocopied a part of his diary (which has to be seen to be believed) and screen printed it on silk and shredded it.  The shredded stands of silk were worked into the seams of the outfits in strategic places in stark contrast to the extreme neatness of the outfits  The effect was stunning!

The girls are all wearing the collection in this video!

When she was asked for designs for the show she immediately decided to put her collection in, it was made, beautiful and perfect for the purpose.  She treasured her collection and kept it safe in her room until the great Shanks House Makeover during which the bag they were all in became mixed up in all the chaos and somehow a paint roller was put in amongst the clothes.  Disaster!  Sadly the Magnolia paint did nothing to enhance the overall effectiveness of the design of the dress, the skirt and trousers almost escaped and a couple of her least favourites live to be worn another day.  

She was very stoic about the whole thing and decided to design and make a whole new collection.  She has started with a blouse in peach chiffon which is gorgeous and simple, so far so good!  She has however, decided to embellish it with Miyuki size 15 beads.  For those of you not in the know, imagine a grain of sugar and you have roughly the size of each bead!  She is embellishing a complex pattern onto the front of the blouse and the first tiny area has taken her about 6 hours….only approximately another 150 hours to go then Kacie!

It looks absolutely stunning and the finished item will be unbelievably beautiful but the hours of painstaking work that will have gone into it are beyond belief.  Bless her little cotton socks…… but at least she can’t be accused of lacking ambition!  She’s also got the rest of the collection to make so she really has got her work cut out trying to fit it around her job.

Kacie is shooting for the stars in her goal to become a top fashion designer and good for her.  Aim high….always….why compromise on your dreams?

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