Andy Murray and why kids shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near video equipment!!

Currently sitting outside in the sunshine writing this with Osborn by my side doing his Maths homework.  Joy….if only every day could be like this!

We went to the carnival on Saturday which was a delight as always and very well organised.  Ice cream in the sunshine….brilliant!

We had out first BBQ of the summer last night!  The BBQ actually still works much to my surprise and eating outside in the sunshine was just fabulous.  Veggie bangers and burgers….yummy!! 

An exciting week coming up.  Filming tomorrow but I don’t know if I’m allowed to say what for yet?  Probably not so I won’t!

And what about Andy Murray?  A true British sports hero and what an amazingly exciting game.  Sadly I had the kids videoing my antics throughout the match which must make for hilarious viewing although I haven’t seen it yet.  I do get very excited at the tennis especially with Andy Murray playing and unbeknown to me the children decided it was far too funny not to capture on film!  No doubt the little so and so’s will post some of it somewhere online so you can all have a good laugh too!

Seriously though…..what a pair of fighters.  Neither of them ever seemed to lose their focus and played to win whatever the score.  Having a British winner was fantastic but they both deserve equal praise for entertaining us with such a fantastic game.  May Andy go on to have greater and greater success.

Back to the Pride of Warwick District Awards, I had the pleasure to meet Todd and Pinky Princess on the night!   I’ve been following them on Twitter for  a very long time but meeting them in person was great.  They’re a fabulous couple and I wish Todd the very best in his new status as self employed!  I’ve been self employed for 34 happy years and am delighted to say that I have reached the happy status of being delightfully ‘unemployable’!!  I’m looking forward to seeing them both again at their Blogging workshop on the 24th.  I know it’ll be a great learning curve with the experts!

Off to run errands and get on with the book proposal.  I only have 12 days left to get it finished.  Deadlines!!

Enjoy the sun!!!

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