Another ‘ode’ to troubled parents !!

Right….feeling back to normal and right back on the case with book proposal for latest book !  Trouble is I’m itching to get on with new one but my agent is away in America and doesn’t get back until Monday and I need to run the idea past him before I can get going properly.  Being the type of person who wants to get everything done yesterday I’m not great at being patient.  One of my biggest character flaws !

Still….it’s all out of my control so I just need to slog on with current book and get it in to Andrew as soon as I can so he can ‘work his agent’s magic’ as Lynne so aptly puts it !!  And magic it does appear to be !  He beavers quietly away in the background promoting all of us authors in all kinds of ways and getting our work in front of the right people.  He narrowly missed winning an award on Monday, I believe he was robbed !!!  Hopefully next year he will be given the recognition he deserves !

On to all other things ‘Shanks’ !  Four of the girls are manically working away at various end of course projects.  Kacie on her final major piece for her Art Foundation course, Lorie and Mirie on their final major piece for their Dramatic Arts course and Nikita on her GCSE’s.  All stress at the moment but they’re all coping fairly well in their own unique ways !

Everything always seems to come all at once with me standing in the middle of the chaos tearing my hair out wondering which way to turn first !  Add into all of the involvement I inevitably have with their endeavours the fact that I also have too much work to do constantly and we do occasionally end up going into a kind of group meltdown !

This normally starts with something relatively small ( for example…someone has ‘borrowed’ someone’s favourite top without permission ! ) and ends up with a full scale war !  Fortunately I have always been very clear that no weapons of any type are allowed so the ‘war’ is limited to words but even then, with eight people involved the decibel level is tantamount to being a weapon in itself !  I’m normally seen skulking off quietly to another room on some ruse or other to escape !!

Anyone else ‘suffering’ the end of course/school stresses….you have my deepest sympathies.  Just remember the saying ‘ this too shall pass’ !!!

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