Are you facing a tough decision?

Right thing….wrong thing….

Dilemmas……we face them all day, every day.  Tea or coffee, bed or film, go out or stay in, constant decisions, big and small.  Most of them we scoot over with no problem and they’re not a big deal anyway, but sometimes we hit a real, life changing dilemma that we know is going to matter…..a lot.

Flippant…but true!

So how do we make these massive choices?  A ‘profit and loss’ list has it’s uses in order to allow our brain to order itself a little, but that’s all based on logic and decisions aren’t always totally logical.  Talking it through with other people is always a good one as well as long you are open minded enough to take what they are saying and use it regardless of whether it’s what you want to hear or not.  Trusting the other person doesn’t have some kind of hidden agenda is also imperative.

Where does that leave us then?  It leaves us being the only one who can make the final decision, that’s what!  And how do you even know anyway?  You take one path and having not chosen the other you never actually know what might have been.  Gets worse doesn’t it?

Deciding what to do can be based on so many criteria but I’ve found that they normally fit into one of the following:-

1. What you actually want to do regardless
2. What you think you ought to do
3. Taking the sensible option unclouded by emotions

Gut feelings, I’ve found, are normally right, however strong the pull is in the other direction.  If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it, is a philosophy I took on years ago, I still get it wrong frequently but my ‘gut’ is very often right.  The subconscious brain is very good at cutting through all the crap without you even being aware that it’s doing it.  That’s why we have gut feelings, unconsciously we already know the right answer but don’t always listen or don’t allow ourselves to hear it because it’s not what we ‘want’.

None of this is actually very helpful, I’m aware of that, but faced with a few decisions of my own at the moment I’m acutely aware that I need to get it right.  If I only had me to worry about it would be very simple but with so many others to consider the choice is clouded by so many other factors.  Filtering out what NEEDS to happen and understanding what others WANT to happen makes the decision process so much harder, so all I can do is hope that I get it right.

So this is for all of you reading this struggling to make that decision.  Do I have the answers?  No.  It’s hard, but you’ll get there and hopefully all will turn out for the best.  GOOD LUCK!

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