ASD and Parenting

ASD and Parenting

Once again I have a friend with a daughter on the spectrum who is being handed leaflets on parenting courses.  Her other children are beautiful, polite, charming children and her daughter is also, she just struggles because of her ASD.

Everyone please take note!

The struggles a parent with a child on the spectrum deals with daily are quite enough to handle on their own, they don’t need to add into the equation being questioned about their parenting skills and the inevitable stress that that creates.  And frankly, of all the people that should be aware of the challenges surrounding a child on the spectrum, I would expect schools to be far better educated on the subject and therefore have a great deal more understanding of the condition.

A fantastic mother should not be made to feel as though she is failing her child when what she really needs is support, understanding and simple strategies to help her daughter cope better at school.  When…….oh when, will our children stop being labelled as ‘naughty’ when there is a part of their brain that is wired differently to the nuerotypical brain.  

Autism, and all of it’s surrounding conditions isn’t rocket science to understand and only dealing with the behaviour is not the answer, unlocking the reasons behind the behaviour is.    Once you know why your child is anxious you can implement strategies to start bringing the anxiety down, and most of their struggles are caused by just that….anxiety.

The anxiety can be caused by any number of things from sensory issues, to separation, to just change of any kind in itself, but you have to know what’s behind it.  This is a challenge  but I’ve always advocated keeping a journal, being able to look back at the circumstances surrounding a meltdown can be an incredibly useful tool.  The same applies at school.

I’m writing the book and I sincerely hope that it helps someone, somewhere to understand their child better in order to make everyone’s life happier.  In the meantime, if I can help in any way, I will.

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