Autism, from their perspective

Autism…from my point of view…

From the mouths of babes is the saying that springs to mind.  My children have been asked to write a piece about their autism and, more specifically, what they wished people knew about it.

Pippa and Osborn have been the first to tackle this one so I thought I would share some snippets of wisdom written from their perspective.  There are so many myths and misconceptions about autism that they need to be well and truly ‘busted’, and how better to bust them than to hear from the people themselves what it’s like and what they wished you knew.

Osborn likes to think of it this way, ever the practical scientist, his analogy is based on computers:-


I wish people knew that they don’t need to treat me differently just because I’m autistic. There isn’t a huge difference between autistic people and neurotypicals. Let’s think about it in terms of computers. We share the same hardware, made by the same company, same shape and size, however, the software is different, autistic people run on Linux and neurotypicals run on Windows. And that’s really the only difference.
This a typical Osborn/Sheldon like way of comparing the brains of neurotypicals and autists………..logical!

Pippa would like to tell you this:-


The first, and probably most important thing, is that you cannot see autism. It’s in the brain, in severe cases, yes, it is noticeable, but with me and my six other siblings, five on the spectrum, it is a shock to most people when I come out with the sentence “Oh, I’m on the autistic spectrum!” And the usual response “Really? You don’t look autistic?” Why thank you, but please do tell me, what does autism look like?

Both very good points and I’ll copy the pieces in their entirety here once the publication has gone into print.  

I love talking to my children and other people on the spectrum about their autism, it fascinates me and I’m always learning something new about how their brains work.  It’s a condition that most people find baffling but in reality it’s based on a huge amount of logic if we all only took the time to understand.

My mission is to spread this understanding far and wide until the whole world realise that a computer is a computer and a person is a person….we just have different operating systems!

Vive la difference!!

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