Autism, memory lapses and giggles!

Those of you who are regular readers will know that anything can happen in ‘The Mad Shanks Residence’ including continuous memory lapses!  Sometimes some of these come together in a way I find irresistibly hilarious and I feel the need to share with everyone the mad world I reside in, this is one of those!

 Autism, memory lapses and giggles!


Lorie is determined to pursue her acting career in any way she can, which I greatly admire her for, so when she heard that there was an audition for a play at the RSC she was straight in there.  Good on her I thought, what play are you doing I asked?  ‘Godspeed’ she replied.  Me, puzzled, ‘Godspeed?’,  Lorie, ‘Yes’.

Hmmmmmm…….I hadn’t heard of that one and as I’m quite well up on my theatrical knowledge (you don’t live in a house full of drama queens without knowing your stuff!), I was slightly perplexed and asked her if she meant ‘GodSPELL?’.  ‘Oh yes!’ came her reply, ‘I knew it was something like that’.  ‘You’re going to the audition Lorie. shouldn’t you at least know the name of the production?’.  ‘OK’ she said brightly, ‘I’ve got it now!’.

She proceeded to tell a close friend the next day that she was auditioning for ‘Godspeed’ and had the same conversation all over again with Jo!  Hopefully the producer of the show won’t mind?

A couple of days later Nikita walked in from college and announced that she had just been told what show they were performing at college next.  Excited to hear her news I asked her what they were doing, ‘Farm Animals’ she replied.  Here we go again thought I, having said that, their tutor, David, is known for choosing pretty ‘off the wall’ productions, so for a split second I did consider whether she had actually got it right, but it was just a ‘split second’!

Cautiously I asked her if she meant ‘Animal Farm’?  ‘Oh yeah, that’s it!’ she cried, by this time it was far too late for me, I was already on the floor crying with laughter!  Two in two days was far too much, even for me when I know them so well, but sometimes it’s the bizarre things they come out with that make me laugh so much, and they do say that laughter keeps you young?  Maybe it’s the laughter that has kept me from going completely doolally over all these years and long may it continue, I’m just waiting for the next one to come and tell me they’re doing the ‘Ghost of the Cinema’ next…………it’s entirely possible!

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