Autism will save the world! Disagree if you dare!!

I’m angry!

Yes I am!  I’m very angry!  I subscribe to the Autism Speaks page on Facebook which features lots of people on the spectrum and shows them in a positive light….this is great.  What suddenly hit me like a ten ton brick this morning however and reduced me to tears, much to the consternation of the children, was hearing autism referred to again and again as a disability.  When will the world become enlightened enough to see these amazing people for what they really are….gifted. 

They truly are gifted, their brains are wired in a different way but that does not make them ‘disabled’, it makes them ‘uniquely abled’!  I see post after post after post showing the gifts these people have and I’m never surprised at their extraordinary abilities.  Why do people still gasp in amazement at the news that yet another autistic person has an exceptional talent?  Our job isn’t to clap in amazement at what they are able to do but to help them discover what their own unique talents are.  It should no longer be startling to see yet another example of how amazing they are.

I have to get my kids these t shirts!

When Nikita saw this photo her immediate reaction was “I have to have that t shirt!”.  I agree with her.  Every person on the spectrum should wear something like this with absolute pride and scream to world that they are unique, gifted and very proud of that.
My twins, Lorie and Mirie, are both on the spectrum but Mirie’s only regret in life is that she isn’t as autistic as Lorie because she sees her twin sister as having a huge edge on her because of it!  What a fabulous attitude my children have and I swell with love for them every time they embrace their autism with pride.  And quite rightly too, they all are truly gifted. 
I’m on my own personal mission to get this into people’s heads and I’m succeeding.  With a book, a documentary, radio interviews and several speaking engagements on the subject coming up I’m slowly but surely getting the message across.  I just wish I could stand at the top of the world and scream to all 6 billion of us that everyone is unique and should be celebrated as such.  There is no such thing as ‘disability’. just differently abled.

I believe wholeheartedly that these people will be our saviours as they utilise their unique viewpoint, passion, objective thinking and focus to solve most of the problems of the world.  Going a bit too far?  We’ll see!!

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