Autistica: An autism research charity that genuinely aims to help autistic people in a very real way

We aim to give the autism community a voice in everything we do. Through consultation and involvement we’ve made sure they don’t just direct our funded research, but autism science across the UK’  

I’ve been aware of Autistica for a very long time but didn’t know a huge amount about what they do.  Earlier this year I was speaking at an event at Coventry University and met a gentleman called Ed, he was lovely and told me a little about their work.  A couple of months ago we filmed a piece for ITV and Autistica were part of the report, we connected and I found out that they actually fund exactly the type of research I’ve always been an advocate of!

I’ve deliberately kept  a distance from all organisations as none of them seem to share my ethos with regard to autism, Autistica are different, they fund research that autistic people actually want.  They’re not looking for a cure, they’re not trying to change anyone, they just want to find ways to make their lives better.

I applaud that and would encourage everyone to join their ‘Discover’ Network, this is what they aim to do:-

Make a difference to people’s lives through research

Help researchers do bigger and better research

Cement the UK as a world leader in autism research

“Research is the only way to get the services we and future generations need. If we don’t get involved in research, nothing will change”

Autistic adult and parent

There are lots of ways to get involved and I believe we all should, check out what you can do to help and how you can be part of the revolution of change HERE




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  1. Just watched Kingdom of Us. I wish I could hug you all, especially Pippa. I admire her strength and I hope she never gives up. If you ever do a talk near me in the US, I will come and see.

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