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Why you should blog

I’ve just read an article that Lynne Barrett-Lee, my ghost writer tweeted from The Guardian. Interesting reading indeed as it was all about why authors have to become a part of the whole PR circus that goes with being a published author.

It says, quite rightly, that most writers are ‘artists’ and would be very happy to be left to do what they do best and write their books without all the publicity that has to come with it.  I can see their point, but as the writer of the piece correctly states, without the publicity machine that comes with it there would be very few sales!  That’s not what authors want.

Authors and blogging

So, how does the subject of blogging fit in with being a writer?  As an author one needs a ‘presence’ in whatever form that may come.  Social media is a very effective way of creating a presence long before being published and is an invaluable tool once the book is on the supermarket shelves.

Within the above, blogging is one of the most effective forms of profile raising.  Having said that, bad blogging will obviously have the opposite effect so you have to make sure that whatever you write is worth reading. 

Blogging can take many forms and different people blog for very different reasons but if you’re blogging for business (which in itself is a profile raising exercise) you need to know what you’re doing.  So…how do you get it right?  Well, if you live near Warwick, you get in touch with Todd and Jo and take part in one of their brilliant blogging workshops like I did.  If you don’t live near Warwick you still get in touch with them and ask them how they can help you.

Back to….is blogging a waste of time?

Absolutely not!!!  It’s an incredibly valuable resource that is free!  It involves time input it’s true but any form of advertising needs that to a degree.  Bear in mind though that any form of advertising has a limited audience, blogging can reach people from all over the world with a click of a button.  Are you getting it now?  All you need is the knowledge to make sure that you create worthwhile material, how to maximise it’s profile through Google and how to structure it effectively.  Back to Todd and Jo !  I hadn’t realised just how amateurish my blogs were until I did the workshop (hangs head in shame!).  I still have a lot to learn but at least I’m applying the principles I learnt (I think?) and doing a little better than before and I know the ‘team’ are there to teach me more whenever I need them.  I’ve also just realised (loud clunk as penny drops) that I need to get cracking with getting my website up and running.  If you look at it now it’s pathetic with just a photo and a brief blurb…sigh. Guess
what my next big project is?


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