Bargains that aren’t!

Bargains that just aren’t bargains!

Our local Melbicks Garden Centre is having a complete refurbishment and was selling a load of stuff off a few months ago at silly prices.  I obviously had to have a really good look around and whilst rummaging found a pond pump at such a stupid price that I bought it.  I knew I was re-doing the pond soon anyway so it made total sense.  I walked out feeling very chuffed with myself!

Nice clean water!

Eventually, thank to Janeks, Harry and Chris the pond was finally finished and the new pump installed, it worked perfectly and the waterfall fell at great speed as I had wanted it to.

That was a few weeks ago and to my mild surprise, what should have been my pristine new pond, was becoming murkier by the day.  I was puzzled and pulled the pump out to have a quick look to see if the filter was blocked.  I was in a rush so when I couldn’t immediately find it I gave up and resolved to have another look when I had more time.

It was a couple of weeks later that I found a few minutes to take a closer look by which time the water was reminiscent of pea soup.  I looked, and I looked, I turned it upside down and round and round but could no-where see where the filter housing was?  Over to Google.

Having found the same pump on the Internet it was only to discover that it was just a pump… filter.  That explained why the pond water had become so disgusting!  Suddenly my bargain was no longer a bargain.

What to do?  I searched the Internet, visited the local Aquatic Centre and tried to solve the problem by adding a filter to the existing pump.  You can, apparently, do this but the filter is the size of large cardboard box and has to sit outside the pond.  I don’t think so.

Feeling thoroughly peeved with myself for not checking the box when I bought the blasted thing, I looked at the only other alternative which was to buy a new pump with filter.  Not the happy outcome i was hoping for.

Enter Gumtree!  I decided to have a quick look on some miscellaneous sale sites and found a brand new pump and filter, just the size I need, nearby, for a third of the retail price!  Happy days!

I am now toddling off to collect said pump and set about re-wiring the blasted thing, looking forward to being able to see the fish again in a couple of days.

That bargain?  Make sure it is a bargain in all your excitement at finding it, it may not turn out to be the money saver you hoped for!

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