Be a Dreamer!

Kacie dreams on….in spite of everything

Rightly or wrongly, good or bad, I’ve raised my children to believe in themselves and set their sights high.  I don’t believe in ‘Plan B’s’ and I’ve never known how to give up so I guess this philosophy was going to rub off on them?  And it sure has!

Am I pleased?….you bet ya!  I want my children to live the fullest, happiest lives possible and you don’t do that by living life in the safe lane.  Along with encouraging them to shoot for the stars, I’ve also let them know that it won’t be an easy ride and there will be many occasions when they will want to give up.  I’ve also told them that if they really, really want it then giving up just isn’t an option!  Get used to it!

Kacie…..never to be beaten by the nay sayers!

Now, I’m well aware that there will numerous eyeballs raised to the sky in incredulity that I could raise my children deliberately to be risk takers.  (Well, I guess we can’t all agree on everything) but behind my philosophy there are a massive number of reasons and observations of life that have brought to me this point.  I will also confess right here that I’m a natural born risk taker myself which has obviously fuelled my desire, and their imitation somewhat!

Alongside being a risk taker it also helps enormously to be competitive and they’ve certainly all followed in my footsteps on this one as well.  Not letting them win at anything when they were little has played it’s part in this one……cruel?  No, I don’t think so.  The first time Osborn beat me at Air Hockey he was about 9 years old, his ecstatic reaction was amplified by his knowing that he had actually, genuinely beaten me!  I’d never let him win so if he’d managed it this time it really did mean that he had improved to the point where he could.  Double joy!

My inspiration to write this was sparked by Kacie’s blog today about people trying to  knock you down and ignoring them and still shooting for the stars.  I also had Osborn last night asking me why he doesn’t like losing!  He doesn’t mind when it comes to sport but when it comes down to his areas of expertise…..well, don’t go there!  We debated the subject and whether it was a good or bad thing.  I mused that it was good thing because not wanting to be beaten makes you strive to be better but maybe having a hissy fit is not so good, and better to pretend to lose gracefully in spite of how you feel inside.  Then, resolve to get even better!

So…yes, life in our house does get heated having so many ambitious, determined, competitive people in it, but better that than a house full of couch potatoes playing computer games and watching TV incessantly.  I’m so glad we’re all the way we are and eternally grateful that the children are all shooting for the stars.  They all want to make a big difference in the world and be part of the solution and not part of the problem.  For that…..I salute them!

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