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Autism One on One

What’s that?  It’s a new idea and a Facebook page….that’s it at the moment.  Not overly exciting by the sound of it….however….I have high hopes for it becoming a force to be reckoned with across society.  

Ignorance on the subject of Autism is rife but it’s not actually, really anyone’s fault.  The general populace tend to see autism as an umbrella term that means a set, neurological condition that manifests itself in the same way for everyone.  Far from the truth.

Autism is, of course, a neurological condition, and as with any other subject, a certain generalisation can be made.  But frankly, that’s where it ends.  Underneath someones autism is also a person just like anyone else, they have a unique personality, they have certain character traits and they have hopes and aspirations.  All of these factors add up to an enormous uniqueness within the generalisations.


Six of my children are on the spectrum to a greater or lesser degree and their difficulties have presented in very different ways.  They are, very much unique, individual people in their own right.  This means that strategies that worked for one didn’t necessarily work for another so I was constantly searching for the reasons behind their behaviour.

This could be exhausting and frustrating when they were little and weren’t able to vocalise their feelings but I persisted with talking to them about their autism and how it may affect their lives and offering ideas as to how they could make their own lives easier.

The payoff now for everyone is that they are all extremely open about their autism and are able to explain why they behaved in certain ways when they were little.  This gives an amazing insight into the autistic brain and an invaluable resource for absolutely anyone who wants to understand the condition on a deeper level.

Enter Autism One on One!  The idea behind it came partly from my meeting with a man who was diagnosed on the spectrum at age 30.  He saw the doctors, they diagnosed him and then they……….NOTHING!  No strategies, no insight… nothing.  He and his wife have spent 3 years reading books, scouring the internet and researching the subject in the vain hope of developing a greater understanding of how his ASD was affecting his life.

This all turned out to be pretty much useless but after a few chats we were able to pinpoint some areas where he was struggling and start to give him meaningful strategies to help him cope a little better.  I have a deep understanding because I have spent my entire life with the condition and have worked hard to comprehend why they do the things they do.

Drop in Session

The first informal drop in session for the group is on the 1st APRIL 2014 from 6.00pm-8.00pm in the Private Dining room in the Almanack in Kenilworth.  I have no idea who will come or how many will come but it will be an opportunity to talk to people on the spectrum who have ‘been there’ and may be able to offer some insight into the behaviour of someone you know that you don’t understand.  That’s the hope anyway.

Long term I hope the group will become a meeting place for people on the spectrum to socialise with like minded people in an environment where no-one is judging you!  A place where your neurology is valued and appreciated rather than being misunderstood.  

And beyond that?  Hopefully a group large enough to start educating the general public, the authorities and government and start lobbying for the necessary changes and understanding in schools, workplaces etc….

I have big dreams, I believe that Autism is an awesome thing that doesn’t receive the recognition it deserves and I believe that there is nowhere enough help available for the people who need it.


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