Being a Dreamer……Sequel to ‘Be a Dreamer’!

Being a Dreamer!

A while ago I wrote a blog called ‘Be a Dreamer’ which was inspired by Kacie, my budding fashion designer, and the fact that she was sick of being told by people what she couldn’t do!  Over the last few months it has become by far my most popular blog with 5 times as many hits as the second most popular and read a huge amount in the Ukraine?!

The blog was essentially about pursuing your dream and making it happen regardless of what everyone will tell you to the contrary.  And, people WILL tell you constantly what you can’t do and very rarely touch on what you can do, unless, of course, it’s to tell you to lower your sights and create a ‘Plan B’.

I’m so proud of my ‘fearless’ children!

I’ve never liked having a ‘Plan B’, I believe if you have one you will invariably fall back on it and ‘reason’ away your ‘Plan A’.  It’s very easy to justify why you should take the easier route as ‘Plan A’ is always going to be a much tougher option if you’re shooting for the stars.  People will tell you constantly how few people actually get there and try to discourage you, the answer to this one isn’t “Yes’ you’re right, I should stop being so silly”, it’s, “Well people do get there and why shouldn’t I be one of them?”.  The next step is to study how they got there and invariably it’s because they practised their little bums off and never, ever gave up.

I’ve always encouraged my children to dream big but be prepared to have to fight for what they want to achieve and work their fingers to the bone.  I’ve told them they will have an infinite number of disappointments along the way which will knock them for six but unless they can pick themselves up, dust themselves off and start all over again, they might as well not start in the first place. 

Our family mottos are ‘Feel the Fear and do it Anyway’ and ‘Action Conquers Fear’.  Good rules to live by if you have big dreams because the other thing you are going to need is absolute fearlessness, in bucket loads!

And disappointments we’ve all had, too many to mention, but so far we’ve picked ourselves up and got back on the horse to fight another day and, to be honest, we always will.  We’ve come too far to give up now, so persevere we will, right until the bitter end!

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