Being ‘Indie’!

Being ‘Indie’!

You’re all well aware by now that Kacie is a fashion designer. She’s very good as well and with some persistence will achieve her aim of having her own label and gain the level of success she desires.  I guess it’s therefore inevitable that occasionally she rants a little about fashion sense and current trends and when it comes to one of the current ‘looks’ I find myself agreeing with her ranting.

I’ve had numerous discussions with all of them about the ‘Indie’ style that abounds at the moment and not actually knowing what ‘Indie’ looks like I’ve asked them to point it out to me.  Now I’m guessing that the word ‘Indie’ means individual or independent?  So, why then, is it that all ‘Indie’ people look exactly the same?  No wonder I couldn’t work out who they were!

Time to become ‘Indie’ again guys!  This isn’t cutting it any more!

Nothing really changes

Having made this startling discovery it caused me to look back at distant times when I was a teenager.  I caught the latter days of the Hippy era but predominantly the ‘Smoothies’ were the style icons of the day.  They all wore exactly the same thing but then, that was the uniform, they were supposed to all look the same.  No pretence, no attempt to be ‘different’, they were what they were.

A bit different with the Hippies, their goal was to be individual but inevitably everyone ended up wearing ‘Loons’, tie dyed T-shirts and Gypsy style blouses.  It was no longer an ‘individual’ look as it gradually became a uniform as well.

I have powerful recollections of being a teenager, the angst, the incredible need to be accepted, the peer pressure etc…so I accept that all looking the same creates a kind of ‘safety in numbers’ shall we say?  Having said that, maybe it’s time that the ‘Indies’ accepted that their name no longer suits their desire to be different?  And actually, not only do they all look the same, but their ‘uniform’ also isn’t remarkable in itself.  At least the classic Crombie set the ‘Smoothies’ apart from everyone else whereas with the ‘Indies’ there is nothing about their clothes that announce to the world who they are.

Am I knocking them?  No….of course not, I have a zillion teenagers at home and relate extremely well to the trials and tribulations that their ages present with.  At the same time, my teenagers have never conformed to fashion dictations any more than I ever did.  I’m proud of them for this, it shows a level of confidence that doesn’t require an artificial exterior in order for them to feel they can be accepted into their peer groups.

Long live true individuality

They all do, however, have heir own individual looks, the most striking contrast being with the twins, ironically.  Lorie has a very classic Audrey Hepburn style that she has developed which suits her looks perfectly whilst Mirie has a more Bohemian take, which again, suits her to absolute perfection.  Kacie’s style is, well, actually very individual!!  She is extremely vociferous about NOT being ‘Indie’ however.  In her own words “I am the original Indie in the true sense of the word!”.  And she is, as a fashionista she is able to put together a look that is like no other and long may she continue!

All of this sounds as though I’m knocking the ‘Indie’ look, I’m not at all, it’s actually quite smart and very non-offensive.  Am I knocking the philosophy behind the name?  Again, no I’m not, just commenting on the irony of a term coined originally to denote one who wishes to stand out from others when actually, the end result is a look that couldn’t be more conformist or non individual if it tried.

Be really ‘Indie’……now!

So, to all of you teenagers reading this, I like your look but if you really want to stand out from the crowd you need to change something!  And no, not tattoos and piercings, they are soooooooo last year, future trends are for pure, unmarked bodies with sleek lines and contours with flashes of neon.  If you want to be really ‘Indie’ get the look now and be way ahead of your friends!  How do I know this?  I have friends in high places in the ‘know’.  Ssshhhhh…..don’t tell anyone I told you but I’ll be watching you all from afar to see how on trend you can be!

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