Best Bravest Women Awards 2014

The Best Bravest Women

It’s very rarely that I’m a little lost for words, but on this occasion, I am totally lost for words!  As my regular readers know, I can rattle on about anything and have trouble limiting how much I write….at this moment though, words fail me.

As a lot of you will know, I was presented an award on Monday for being amongst the Bravest Women, having heard the other stories from my fellow winners however, I feel extremely humbled to have been included.  There were women from all walks of life who have endured a a vast range of different traumas and yet have come through the other side and are still going strong.

Such a range of different people from all walks of life, from a lady suffering from Alzheimer’s to a lady who was an Army Nurse in the Second World War.  All of their stories so moving and so real, which is probably why the awards ceremony felt so unbelievably awe inspiring.

Me and James!!!

We had already been spoilt rotten for 2 whole days before the ceremony itself, having been taken to see Thriller at the theatre (a MUST see for any MJ fans out there!), in the audience at Loose Women (up close and personal with all the presenters and as an added bonus, The Script as well!) and all kinds of goodies and endless amazing food!

As we all arrived for the pre-dinner drinks I was aware that the room was wall to wall with celebrities!  I recognised nearly everyone there which was extremely flattering, so many well known people happy to give up an evening to honour those of us who had won awards.  But the evening wasn’t about them and the focus wasn’t really on them….it was on us, well and truly on us.

We were made to feel like princesses and as I manoeuvred myself into getting a selfie with James Arthur (love his voice and it had to be done!), we were introduced to, and photos taken with as many people as possible.  

As the actual ceremony itself started, I was overjoyed to find that David and Carrie Grant were presenting me with my award.  Such an amazingly wonderful couple who have 3 autistic children themselves and, shall we say, have the t-shirt?  It was an honour to meet them and receive my award from them.

What a truly inspiring event.  So star studded but so emphatically about the women who were being recognised, not a publicity stunt, not there to boost sales, simply held in honour of inspirational women.  I’m still pinching myself and can’t believe I was actually one of them.

I cannot thank Tracey Baldwin and her team at ‘Best’ enough for such a fabulous weekend and for making us all feel so special.

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