BIG ebay errors!!


Those of us who use ebay have all done it.  We’ve all bought something that was nothing remotely like the item we thought it was, we’ve all paid more for something than we wanted to at the last tick of the clock and we’ve all not read the listing properly and ended up with a bit of a surprise!

I am guilty of all of the above but my most recent ‘cock up’ really takes the biscuit.  It was late one Saturday evening (always a bad time to be on ebay!) and was thinking about the pond.  Once again this year we are going to have to strip the whole thing out and start from scratch thanks to the heron kindly ripping a hole in the bottom.

My brilliant solution…..18 of them in 4 different shapes!

I decided last year when it happened that this time would definitely be the last and started devising ways to make sure it was so.  I came up the brilliant (I know, I’m a genius ;)) solution of using a solid pond liner and set about finding one.  Casting an eye over the ones listed on ebay I came across one that was just about to end, I looked at the dimensions, saw where it was and placed the first bid.

I watched the seconds count down and was over the moon to see I’d won it!  Fantastic, I thought as I went back to look at the listing again.  As I finally read it properly the realisation dawned that I hadn’t bought one, I’d just bought 15 of them in a job lot!

Ooooops!  The reality sunk in.  One would have fitted in my car easily, 15 was a totally different ball game.  My delight turned to panic as I pondered where on earth I was going to get a van from?  I went through every possibility I could think of and came up blank apart from hiring one, the cost of my ‘bargain’ was going up.

On the up side of the whole fiasco was the fact I could obviously sell on the ones that were surplus to my requirements and make some money but in the meantime I had to actually pick the damns things up!

During various emails with the seller I decided to try to fit the whole lot in my car!  I wasn’t convinced but as I was tying it in with seeing a very dear friend of mine at the same time I felt it was worth giving it  a go.  Off I toddled and duly arrived.  Once there he lady merrily told me that she’s miss counted, there weren’t 15, there were 18!

We wandered into her back garden to take a look and it was definitely going to be touch and go.  Half an hour and a lot of sweating later we’d finally managed to ram the whole lot plus a waterfall (¬£2!) into the back of my car!  Phew!

17 of said ponds are now cluttering up my front driveway which is already cluttered enough!  I’ve managed to sell one locally and I will use 2, that leaves another 15 to go.

Anyone need a pond liner?  I have plenty!


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