Blogging about learning to blog?!?!?!

I’m excited!  Tonight I’m going to Todd and Jo’s Blogging Workshop in Warwick!  Seems quite funny to be blogging about, learning about……Blogging!  Get your head round that one!
Seriously though, I am really looking forward to it.  I know nothing about blogging except for writing it and posting it on Facebook and Twitter.  A bit basic to be honest.  I need to know all the stuff they know about how get more hits, make it more appealing etc…  So, tonight I will be at The Warwick Arms together with my laptop, ipad and good old fashioned notebook eagerly awaiting their pearls of wisdom.  I will be notating everything and missing nothing, so watch out….I’m about to become a professional blogger!  My erstwhile amateurish attempts will be a thing of the past as I exit the workshop armed with all of the tools I need to conquer the world of blogging!  I can’t wait.
Meanwhile, I’ve been to the hospital today with Pippa to see her Paediatrician for a review.   As Pippa and Osborn now see another Paediatrician at school it was decided that it was a waste of her time to see them as well so she has discharged them both leaving them in the very capable hands of the school doctor.  We arrived home and shortly after I received a phone call from her asking about the fact that all of us bar Nikita have had our appendix out!  She had noticed on file that both Pippa and Osborn had tumours on theirs and wondered if I knew whether any of the others had? 
Nothing had been said about the other four and mine was so many years ago that I doubt the record still exists!  She gathered all of the dates of birth for all of the children so that she can go through their notes and see if there is any genetic relevance.  She will then refer them to a geneticist to run some tests.  I was impressed at her efficiency and desire to investigate whether there was something that needs to be assessed and then addressed for the sake of their wellbeing.
Anyway….I’m off to learn how to blog properly!!!

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