Blogging….is it worth reading?

Insightful Blogging….

It’s a modern day phenomena but I love my blog, not because I think it’s brilliant writing, but because it means I can say what I like about whatever I want.  No-one can tell me what to do or what I should write about, although suggestions are always welcome, I can just rattle on about whatever I like and if people choose to read it, then great!
And people do choose to read it, in huge numbers!  I have readers all over the world as well, with the USA, Australia, Ukraine and Russia being the largest ones as well as, obviously, the UK.  Why they read it is beyond me!  I just write a load of drivel really on whatever subject comes to mind, is troubling me or a life event that has tickled or perplexed me.

So is my blog worth reading?  I don’t know, but people out there somewhere think so.  Maybe it is the case that occasionally I actually have something to offer up that’s useful or amusing?

My amazing friend Todd with Pippa at the Peace Festival in Leamington Spa

My blog is a bit of fun really and an opportunity to try to spread a little bit of wisdom that may assist someone somewhere.  However, a very good friend of mine writes a blog that really is incredibly useful and is fulfilling a much required need.  His name is Todd and I have enormous admiration for both him and his partner Jo.

They run a Social Media business and what they don’t know on the subjects of Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, Google etc…..really isn’t worth knowing.  Something to remember if you’ve just woken up to the 21st century and realised that business these days relies a lot on such things.

But back to Todd’s blog.  Todd is on the autism spectrum, he didn’t know he was until fairly recently, but now he realises, he can make sense of some of the things he’s struggled with through his life.  It’s on this subject that he writes the most amazing and insightful blogs about how his brain works and the things he occasionally finds perplexing.

I admire him so much for being so open on the subject which in turn helps so many other  people to know they are not alone and also, in turn, understand themselves better.  I hope he carries on with his own personal journey of discovery and keeps sharing his findings with the rest of us.

He is getting to grips with how awesome the autistic brain is and as he would say ‘Autism-normal is overrated!!’.  Keep up the fantastic work on every front Todd!!!

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