Blue Monday!

Blue Monday

Ollie announced on Touch fm this morning that today is Blue Monday!  OK….I’ve heard of Black Friday but this was a new one on me so I my ears pricked up.  Apparently today is the most depressing day of the year, one when a vast number of people will ‘pull a sicky’.  How is this information gathered and who decides it’s the most miserable day of the year anyway?  Do we no longer have the option of deciding for ourselves when we feel up or down.

This works too!!!

I’m actually old enough to remember the time when the days of the week were exactly that, just different names for different numbers in a sequence of 7.  Nowadays, Monday’s are universally hated, Tuesday has nothing associated with it as far as my research can make out so must feel incredibly left out!  Wednesday is now ‘hump day'(?), Thursday is a hallowed day as it means only one more day to go at work and Friday is TGIF with everyone celebrating the end of another work week!  

One life….live it!

What happened to just living one day at a time and getting the most out of life?  The weekend is now a revered time when the word ‘work’ is off limits and the only time of the week we allow ourselves to enjoy.  Maybe it’s because I’ve spent the last 35 years of my life working for myself but what day it is has no relevance, if there is work to be done (and there always is!) then I do it regardless of what the day is called.  Most of the time I’m only aware it’s the weekend because there are more people in the house!

Days are days, mornings are mornings (I’m no better or worse at any time of the day!), evenings are all part of the same day, weekends are all part of the particular week we’re in, are we right to continually wish our lives away waiting for the next weekend?  And no, it’s not because I have always loved what I’m doing so work doesn’t feel like work!  I’ve hated my work over the past until quite recently when I bit the bullet and decided life is too short to dislike the way you earn a living.  Now I do love what I do but my attitude towards the days of the week haven’t changed.

I also know people who hate the winter or summer, too hot or too cold!  Another waste of life!  I can honestly say I prefer the summer but I don’t ‘hate’ the winter, I just have to wear more clothes.  Hating a particular day or season just means you’re losing out on a huge chunk of living, what’s the point?  Let’s stop labelling time with doom and gloom and get into the mindset of just living every day, doing our best and enjoying each day as best we can.

We all have good days and bad days but shall we collectively decide not to be sheep and decide when we are going to have them?

Smile……it could be worse!!

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