Books and Covers…….

Books and covers!

It’s the old expression of not judging a book by it’s cover isn’t it?  We all do it, whether we mean to is not the point, the point is that we do all look at things and make an instant judgement on first impressions.

So what am I rattling on about today?  I’m on about my trip to Ikea last night which, whilst being quite boring in terms of what I was buying (laundry baskets…zzzzzzz) it was livened up by other happenings.

‘Yeah but…no but’….they’re not all the same!!

When I walked into the entrance  my arrival coincided with the arrival of a very large group of young people, aged between 16-20 I would guess.  They were very much a gang and being extremely boisterous as young people very often are.  With 4 lifts to choose from I could have let them go in the first one and wait for the next but it was the express lift that took you straight to the 6th floor so I decided that I wasn’t prepared to wait and as the old saying of ‘You can’t frighten me, I have teenagers’ sprang into my mind I merrily joined them once they were all in.

As the lift doors closed the rowdy behaviour continued until one of the slightly older ones ‘Shushed’ the rest.  I smiled at him, the behaviour continued unabated.  By the time we reached the second floor one of the younger girls had looked at me sheepishly and quietly said sorry.  I smiled again and said loudly ‘I have kids of my own, they’re only having fun…..teenagers!’.  At this point one of the slightly older ones piped up ‘Yeah….teenagers!’, at which everyone laughed.

By the time we’d reached the 6th floor we were all chatting happily and disembarked and went our separate ways.

What’s the moral of the tale then?  Well, admittedly my first knee jerk reaction was to leave them to their own devices and take another lift, but within an instant I’d thought about my own kids and how they have fun.  They’re very well behaved but when they’re excited and with all of their friends they quite rightly chatter, laugh and mess around which could also be misconstrued as rowdy.

My feeling that I should join was proven right, they were a good bunch of kids despite the clothes, piercings, tattoos etc….We had fun for brief few seconds and hopefully they gained from the experience as well.  Maybe they learnt that not every ‘adult’ judges them wrongly, maybe from this they will learn to trust the older generation a little more and therefore ‘turn down’ the volume when older people are in their presence.  

Maybe we, the older generation, should stop treating every young person with suspicion?  My own children, who quite frankly are angels, still get judged and tarred with the same brush as less well behaved youngsters just because of their age.  They find this extremely frustrating when they go out of their way to be polite and well behaved, especially when out.

So let’s all try to be less judgemental of everyone and start giving people the benefit of the doubt, you might be surprised, you might start to have more fun!

And whilst we’re on the subject of Book Covers, my first book will be published around July and my focus is on what I want the cover to look like.  I won’t be designing it but I do want some input as to what impression the finished article will give.  Once again, I know how important it is because people will decide whether to look further based on what is visible to them.  Errrrr…point made I think!

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