Breasts…..sexual or functional?

Pippa…..”I didn’t choose the boob life!!!”

This is a quote from my youngest daughter Pippa!  She was arguing her point that women shouldn’t have to pay for bra’s because they didn’t choose the ‘boob life’, she was arguing the same point for sanitary protection as well.  I can see her point but where would it all end if her case was taken up and actioned?

Breasts…..sexual or functional?

Would men then come out and demand free razors because they didn’t choose the ‘stubble life’?  Would everyone start claiming free footwear as they didn’t choose the ‘foot life’?  Free hairdressing as they didn’t choose the ‘hair life’?  Free food as they didn’t choose the ‘eating life’?  Where would it end?

We can all protest that we didn’t ‘choose’ the life we have, but can we?  I would argue that we are all born with whatever we are given, what we make of that is our own decision.  If we don’t want to buy shoes we can go and live on the beach and never wear the wretched things, if a man doesn’t want to buy razors he can grow a beard and we only have our hair cut because we want to look good, and food, well, death is the alternative!

All possibly reasonable arguments, but from her perspective, society demands that women encase their boobs in bras so as not to offend anyone with nipples poking out everywhere!  Maybe she has a point, maybe bras should be an NHS issue item until people stop being so uptight about breasts, but I’m guessing they wouldn’t be the prettiest of things?  

Breast feeding springs to mind as well, why on earth would anyone be offended by a woman doing the most natural thing in the world by feeding her baby?  I breastfed everywhere, discreetly, but nothing stopped me from giving my children the best start in life.  So maybe boobs do get the short end of the stick?  Functional but sexual all at the same time, maybe we can’t have it all ways and we need to conclude that first and foremost they are dinner for babies!

So, should women be entitled to NHS issue bras?  Your comments please?!

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