Butlins, Haven and the ‘Shanks’ family!

Another ‘Shanks’ fiasco!

As with all things ‘Shanks’, booking a few days away was never going to run like clockwork, and I wasn’t to be disappointed!  Getting 8 people out of the house and into miscellaneous cars at the right time, with the right belongings (not forgetting that 7 of them are women!) is a task that is tantamount to attempting to ‘herd cats’, any cat owners out there will know exactly what I mean.

I’d booked a 4 day break at Haven at Doniford Bay, partly because it’s where we always go when we go away (most of the crew not liking change!) and mostly because it was cheap!  Being only 20 minutes away from where Lorie works at Butlins was also a huge deciding factor as we all wanted to go and see her in her last week as a Red Coat.

All together again at last!!

A couple of weeks before leaving we had the usual discussions about what time to leave and what to do when we got there, Osborn had it firmly fixed in his head that we must leave at 4am in order to achieve maximum time there, several discussions between him and I convinced him that he’d set his sights too high in view of knowing his sisters only too well, so we compromised on leaving at 6.30am.

Monday morning arrived and, in spite of my incessant pleas for everyone to be packed and ready the night before, much running around and looking for items ensued.  All too familiar in our house, and at 7am Osborn gave up and went and sat in the car ready and waiting for his sisters to get their act together.

Finally at 7.15, much to my surprise, everyone was ready to leave!  Lucy was filming the entire fiasco and coming with us for the first 2 days of the holiday and as she patiently waited, we all finally made it into the cars, pushed keys into ignitions and turned them on.  2 cars burst into life whilst Kacie’s car spluttered unhelpfully and further investigation revealed that she had run out of petrol, right there on the driveway!

I ran around, found a petrol can and whizzed off to the nearest garage to get the essential ‘Go-Go’ juice, a trip that, in itself, took 40 minutes.  Upon returning we couldn’t find the handy little screw on nozzle thing so a funnel was commandeered from the kitchen and after much ado trying to get angles right, the petrol was finally in the car and, once again, we attempted to get going.

Cars all running and ready to go we then had the usual emergency trips back into the house for loo visits, collecting essential forgotten items and food…..the ever present food!  When nature built my children it appears to be for the sole purpose of consuming and processing copious quantities of ‘food’……….they never stop eating!

At last we were on our way, or were we?  Kacie announced she had left something at work the night before and had to collect it so it wouldn’t be thrown away and then, of course, the stop at the garage for Kacie to fill her car so that we would manage to drive more than 30 miles of the 160 mile journey.

After 2 loo stops, lots of traffic, a couple of accidents and various other complications we finally arrived at Butlins at 12.45 to pick Lorie up.  Phew!!

…..and that was just the start of a very eventful week, more to follow!

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