Can we tidy up please?

Mess, mess, mess!

My house feels like a Chinese puzzle!  You know the ones where you have to move a piece in order to be able to move another piece in order to move another piece…… get the picture!  I’ve been playing this game for more years than I care to remember, I long for stuff to be put into place and just….well…..stay there!

At the moment we have a driveway full of rubbish and errr….pond liners, yes, the ones I bought by accident on ebay.  The lovely refuse men didn’t come for 6 weeks during the roadworks and in spite of having done 2 tip runs it still looks like Steptoe’s Yard.  The lobby has therefore filled up with everything that needs to be in the driveway so that it can be sorted and dealt with, but with everyone in the house having a massive clear out we’re swimming in stuff there as well!

I rest my case!

It’s so tempting to just pile it all into the car and take it straight to the tip but I’m afraid, very afraid!  As one bag was unceremoniously chucked into the car the last time I happened to see a folder, I felt a quick look was in order, just in case.  Low and behold, it held the registration documents for the cars which I’d been searching for for months!  How they managed to find their way into a bag of rubbish is beyond me but this is The Mad Shanks Residence where anything can happen so why was I surprised?

I need to take charge and sort it all but the whole thing feels so overwhelming and has gotten beyond a joke.  Besides which, my time seems to be take up at the moment with collecting yet another bed for Pippa (3 different ones in the last year!) trying to help her get organised in her life and trying to keep on top of all other things ‘Shanks’ at the same time.

There is ‘stuff’ everywhere with no end in sight, I need one of those TV programmes to come in, you know the ones that take a day to completely transform your life!  I wish!

So….calling all ‘Shanks’s’, please, please let’s have a day of sorting, chucking, charity shopping, before I go completely demented 🙁

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