Chicken chasing dog out on bail!

Disgraced Dog!

Our beautiful chickens are very happy in their new home and reliably laying 3-4 eggs a day, fantastic, nothing beats an egg laid by your own carefully looked after chickens and they taste so much better than the ones in Tesco.  We get 3 brown and one green eggs a day.  Strangely, our white hen lays brown eggs which means she can’t be a White Star, a hybrid chicken, so I’m still trying to work out what she is.  Another one lays double yolkers every day which probably accounts for the noise she makes as she’s laying it!  Another one lays pretty, pale green eggs and I still haven’t got round to looking up which breed she is but we’ve had one before.

My poor babies!

So far so good then!  Temporary fence is up but quite sturdy, Osborn is religiously peeing around the fence (a good deterrent as far as the fox is concerned before anyone raises eyebrows at his laddish behaviour!) and they are safe and warm in their lovely coop at night.

With everything going to plan with the chickens we were feeling good, especially Osborn and myself as we’re the keen chicken keepers.  At least, everything was going to plan until yesterday afternoon.  With the Autism One on One meeting that evening I was preoccupied with making sure I had everything for that until I heard a suspicious noise.

On wandering outside I found Lexie outside the chicken fence with 2 of the chickens caught fast in the goal post nearby.  She was barking at the poor, terrified chickens who were stuck fast in the netting.  Osborn and I duly yanked her away and she was unceremoniously dumped in the crate after a hefty telling off to consider her position for a while.

Back in the garden we found the 2 chickens to be so entangled in the mesh that a pair of scissors was the order of the day.  Having finally cut them free and after lots of cuddles to calm them down they were lovingly returned to the safety of the run.  Having rescued them, we then turned our attention to trying to find the one that was still missing.  A search around the field by Osborn and Pippa yielded no clue as to her whereabouts and we eventually gave up in the hope that she would eventually return to the safe haven of the hen house.

A while later I popped outside to drop some rubbish into the bin and heard a very faint noise.  I walked down to the bottom of the drive and heard rustling in the brambles, I listened again and then tore my fingers to shreds parting the bushes. Sure enough, there she was happily pecking in the dirt without a care in the world!

She’d obviously escaped the worst of Lexie’s ‘attack’ by running off immediately and finding cover.  It took 4 of us to finally extricate her from the bushes and Osborn was eventually able to reunite her with her friends.  She appeared none the worse for wear but how many eggs they will lay today is another matter.  A scare like that can stop them laying for days but hopefully they’re not in too much of a state of shock.

Lexie, meanwhile, is confined to only being able to go out when someone is there to accompany her and make sure she goes nowhere near the run.  I have no idea whether she was playing or actually trying to eat them, but I’m not taking any chances and she will remain ‘on bail’ until further notice!

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