Children…lost and found!

Losing Mirie!

Over the years I’ve developed quite a reputation for randomly ‘losing’ miscellaneous children, the stories from the kids abound, and whenever I do something a little dippy they have no compunction in reminding me of just how scatty I’ve been over the years!

However, I have no defence, I even lost Jamie when she was only 3 weeks old which has to be the greatest cardinal sin surely?  I just forgot she existed, went home, made myself a tea and realised half an hour later that ‘something’ was missing!  

My beautiful baby, I’m so sorry!

So, my track record is not good but my sin on Wednesday far surpassed any previous ‘faux pas’ by a million miles and it was there for all the world to see!

It didn’t lose a child in the sense that I normally do, by leaving them somewhere, I lost my beautiful daughter Mirie in the sense that in the ‘This Morning’ interview we discussed every child except her!  It happened in the heat of a rapid fire, live interview but that doesn’t excuse me, I should have managed to get her in there somewhere!

Funnily enough I wasn’t nervous during the interview but knowing it was live and also not knowing what questions were coming meant I had to be on my toes.  When they skipped from Lorie to Nikita I was well aware of what had just happened but couldn’t pull it round.  With so much to cover in such a short space of time I just didn’t get the opportunity to mention that we’d ‘lost’ one of my children!

Thankfully Mirie is an absolute star and whilst the teasing has yet to end, she has taken it all very well. I, on the other hand, feel absolutely awful, how could I allow one of my fabulous children be left out on a show that is viewed by millions?

I owe her, and hopefully she and all of the others will be with me when we appear on Irish TV3 on the 24th July, there will be no chance of forgetting her then!  I’m going to give her her own special mention!

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