Chrismas and other things….


So it’s the first of December and suddenly it’s all things Christmas.  Back to back Christmas songs on the radio, shops stuffed so full of Christmas goodies that all our usual favourites are no-where to be found and Christmas events are everywhere. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, I love Christmas.  What I’m not keen on is having it thrust down my throat in August and then having Easter rammed down the same orifice as soon as the shops open again on Boxing Day!  I know Cream Eggs will be appearing any minute now and before Tesco closes on Christmas Eve they’ll be stocking them surreptitiously at the end of the seasonal aisle where they think no-one will notice.

In Tesco on Boxing Day……guaranteed!!! 

Where’s the heart?

Well, I notice, and I get a little peeved that everything is so commercial now that it has to start months in advance.  Every tiny little event is exploited to the maximum for nothing other than profit. How and when did the real heart exit the notion of Valentines Day or the true meaning of Christmas (whether you are of the faith or not) get lost amongst all of the tinsel and presents.  And please can someone inform me when the curse of Halloween and ‘Trick or Treating’ arrived from across the Atlantic and landed on our shores to plague us all and scare little old ladies half to death every year?  I am so grateful every year that we live far enough off the beaten track to not have people knocking the door all evening!

Does this all make me sound like a killjoy?  Those who know me are aware that I’m anything but a misery guts….I just believe that some things should come from the heart and that the ‘heart’ is being systematically ripped out of everything.  Call me soppy if you like, I think it’s just about being a ‘real’ person with ‘real’ sentiments that come from the heart, not from the shops!

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