New Beginnings

So Nikita is at college.  A huge milestone for her and it appears, after a very shaky start this morning, that so far all is going well!  She ate two mouthfuls of breakfast this morning and then threw up with nerves.  We travelled to college with a huge bowl in case she was sick again but she wasn’t thank goodness.  As we pulled into the car park she announced that she had changed her mind and didn’t want to go in.  I suggested that we just go inside and tell her tutors personally as a courtesy hoping that once through the door she would calm down.  Thankfully, one of her tutors was in the entrance and reassured her and she actually went down to the theatre with Charlie.  I waited in the car park for 30 minutes in case the worst happened and eventually decided it was ok to go home as Lorie and Mirie would be arriving soon.

Having heard nothing all morning I assumed that all was ok and having just heard from Lorie she appears to be quite happy.  I so want this to work out for her and can’t wait to pick her up later and hear all her news from the day.

Girls night out!

The four older girls are off out tonight with camera crew in tow!  How I agreed to this is beyond me but they have been warned not to show themselves up on film.  Why I bother to mention that is, again, beyond me!  A few drinks and anything can happen with the girls and very often does.  Whether I will be dashing to the rescue into Coventry at 2 in the morning is anyone’s guess but it wouldn’t be the first time!  They’re all lovely but as we all know, put alcohol into the mix and it’s game over.  I guess I just have to have faith?

Busy times all round really.  Osborn and Pippa go back to school tomorrow and I’ve got a trial shift sometime this week at a very classy boutique in Leamington.  How I’m going to fit a job around an already impossible life is a little beyond me but needs must!  Wish me luck!

Rushing today…so much to do!  See you all tomorrow!

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