Commitment to friendship

Uncle Chris comes to stay

I have no real family apart from my children but I do have an uncle, my mother’s brother.  She died nearly 40 years ago and he’s 81.  I’ve never spent any real quality with him so when his wife died recently we insisted he come and stay for a while so that we could all have the opportunity of getting to know him. 

So yesterday I drove up to Manchester and picked him up to come and stay for a week.  I’ve learnt more about my peculiar family in the last 24 hours than I have in the rest of my life put together.  He’s full of information about virtually anything, self educated as he was at school during the war so his education was limited as everyone’s was.  He’s read so many books and learnt about everything and anything that interests him enough which means his knowledge is extensive.

Family comes first

Life is long actually although we all talk about it being short.  We live on average about 80 years, that’s a long time!  It does, however, go very quickly.  Therefore we should make the most of every moment and I do believe that family and close friends are incredibly important.  Uncle Chris and I have had a chequered history of being in touch and losing touch.  Every time we regain contact we vow to keep in touch and never lose it again, then life takes over and… we go again!

It takes commitment

Keeping in contact with anyone takes a lot of commitment in terms of time and desire to actually make the contact.  My closest friend Vicki and I make an effort to have coffee together at least once a week so that our relationship stays strong.  Chris and I need to make the same commitment despite the distance and ensure that for the rest of our lives we stay in touch and make the most of however much time we have left.

Let’s hope that this week is the start of that!

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